Passenger backrest too straight up

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Billbo, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Billbo

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    Well, I have read several posts here and elsewhere, about the quick detach passenger backrest on my 2011 Road King (and others) making the pass sit too far forward. It seems to be too vertical. After searching for fixes and not finding any and not wanting to buy another - I finally did this.

    I tried to 'bend' the sissy bar upright but to no avail. That sucker is tough can I tell you!!! I read elsewhere some guy ran his pickup truck over his and it did NOT bend. I believe it!. Didnt want too but, I had to apply heat. Using a cutting torch, I heated both uprights about 3/4" only at the last bend and bent them both back (as in sitting position so backrest pad was actually back farther). I bent it back about 1-1/2" and it is FINE now. My wife says it is MUCH better. More like my Heritage. Then you know, I used Semi-chrome and polished it almost -- ALMOST like shinny new again. All the blue came off and the chrome did not seem to even be affected!!! After a little time polishing it - I then used some paste wax to seal it and wha-la! I am pleased and it did not cost me anything. IF anyone should give this a try, just dont get carried away with the HEAT. Dont over heat it and you should be able to polish it right back.

  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Good tip Bill.
  3. Bodeen

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    The smoke wrench, if all else fails. I like it!
  4. Billbo

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    Thanks Jeff and Bodeen. You know what, the main thing is "I did NOT want to mess up the chrome". I even thought bending it may 'crack' the chrome but I had to try. So I did not want to apply the heat - but I had to as a last resort. BUT, I used only a little heat (hot enough to bend pretty easy) and it really did NOT 'mess up the chrome'!!! WOW surprised me!! I am really satisfied and the sissy bar is laid back some the way it should be. I did spend some time cleaning and polishing but you can hardly tell where it was heated.

  5. Jack Klarich

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    Good job Bill, no garage is complete with out a gas axe:s