Painted Heat Shields

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    Well figured I'd show a pic of my painted heat shields since no telling how long they will look good. (please excuse battery cover still off). I painted them a few weeks ago with 1200 degree Gloss Black Rustoleum BBQ paint. I lightly sanded them, and painted one coat a day for 4 days. They cured for quite a while since the bike was getting other things done.

    But I get the feeling this paint is not real durable. I've already got a scuff mark where my boot heal rubs the shield by the rear brake pedal. I'm thinking someday I will take them back off and get them powdered somewhere. They had a few scratches when I bought the bike used and the V&H's color had started to fade a bit.

    One thing for sure, next time they come off, I'm cutting bout 3/8 inch off the end tip (up next to the header bolts) before I get them powdered. They would go on Sooooo much easier with that 3/8 inch cut out of the way. I scratched these on the passenger pegs trying to maneuver them around the engine jugs. And had to paper off the bike and respray part of them in place.

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    Nice Job.
    I did the heatshields on my 2011 S bob. Paint I used was good for up to 650c.
    Instructions said to spray one thin coat only which is what I did-still looking good.
    I roughed up the chrome real good with a 180 grit disc on my power sander.

    Yep, I have scuffed the paint off with my heel too. I'm thinking thru possible solutions:

    wrap that part with a few inches of zorst bandage (can't on mine at moment as stock zorst has a balance pipe right there)

    Pop rivet a heel patch to the heatshield (you can find pop rivets in brass and copper which might look better than the normal aluminium), so thats the way I'm thinking of going.
    4 info, I polish up the heatshields with a product made for use on black cast iron stoves, it puts a low sheen on the blacked out shields and of course can take temperature as its meant for stoves.
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    Looks good & definitelt economical method of creating new look. Don't know if your paint recommended, but I used VHT wrinkle paint on some parts & you set it by baking for a few step for curing/bonding. Awesome work on your part!
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    Looks awesome! I don't think I would be brave enough to try something like that on my own. I really do like the looks of the blacked out bikes.