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    I rode my black and crome 10 ultra to work a few weeks ago and a paint crew was going to be painting a big storage tank. I told them to hold up a bit and talked to the supervisor and we moved all the vehicles out of the parking lot. Needless to say 13 cars and 1 Harley got a 2 part epoxy paint job even though we were about a 1000 feet from the tank. The owner of the paint company said he would take care of all the damages and to take the cars to a car wash and detail shop and he told me to take mine to the Harley dealer which is where I was going anyway. The dealer listed all the parts that had paint on them and it was 5 pages long. $2600 to clean the bike and $1700 for the parts they couldn't clean. The average to clean the cars was about $400 each. My scooter is still in the shop waiting on the new parts. The owner of the paint company said he should have bought my bike. :newsmile08:

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    Wow, the owner of the paint company should watch what he says and educate himself a bit. Sounds like he has no idea what a new Harley costs! If there is any "consolation" I'll bet he did learn a valuable lesson about spray painting in the "great outdoors" though...:newsmile055:
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    I've been having withdrawls not riding my scooter.:D
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    I guess that he didn't make any money on that job. My wife had a new car years ago that was at the dealer for some warranty work. Just like you her new car got splattered. They cleaned the car as best possible but they could not make it perfect and to have some one go at it real hard would have ruined the finish. We finally just told them to forget it. Years later you couldn't tell any difference. I think that we made it just to easy for their lack of responsibility
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    yeah epoxy paint does not come off easy. I would have rolled the tanks. I paint huge fuel tanks and bridges all the time. You need to build containments or roll them cause the paint will travel unbelievable distances
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    Stuff happens I guess. When spray painting a 1000 feet is not far enough. Then again depends on wind and how high the structure is. I've done bridges, water towers and much more and over spray can fly close to a 1/4 mile.

    Had cars hit and IIRC that price tag to clean seems about right. Thank God we've never had a bike hit...never thought they'd cost that much to clean though.

    As far as the contractor making money they did. Most Paint Contractors have insurance that covers such least the jobs I've been on in the past did.

    Anyhow good luck and hope they can get your bike clean....soon too.
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    I truly am sorry to hear your scoot got the overspray ---- but------ $2600 bucks to clean and $1700 for parts!!!!!!???????? WOW!!!!! What parts did they have to replace???
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    WOW! Thats a bit steep. I just wen t through this when my twelve yr old decided to paint in the garage with some blue x-rust paint. Mine,an Ultra , was also covered with splatter. I took a mothers clay bar with soapy water and had the bike good as new in a weekend. At least at the dealer you can always go back if not done to your satisfaction.

    Good luck!!!
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    The dealer had to wet sand the clear coat and buff it out. As far as the parts go the paint would not come off the plastic or the leather without staining it. The labor for cleaning was 24 hrs. at 88 bucks an hour
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    Definitely a $pendy paint project for the tank crew...we had a painter spray garage in base housing once & over-spray went through onto our new vehicle. Luckily it was white on white & a good coat of wax + elbow grease got it off. Epoxy - would've been much worse...hope you're back in the saddle soon with a "sparkling" ride. Gotta thank them for the expen$ive detail...:D