pain in shoulder blade

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by whitedog43, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. whitedog43

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    Just made a 2280 mile road trip, about 300 miles began to feel soreness and burning pain in the left shoulder blade area, I understand that I'm probably having to reach even tho it doesn't seem to be bad, so I'm wondering what kind of pullback that I need by the way I'm 5ft 7 with short arms also. 2006 electra glide classic thanks for any help.
  2. dbmg

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    Have you looked into adjusting bars back that you already have??? Could it be caused from the grips possibly being to thin and gripping is causing pain in shoulder???
  3. whitedog43

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    going tomorrow wrench and I are going to see about adjusting grips are kurakyn feel good not too thin thanks for response
  4. HDDon

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    Welcome to the forum. I see that you're retired, have you done anything to keep your arm and back muscles in shape? I don't know how many long distance rides you have been on, but I know that I get a little sore if I have not been in the saddle for a while. Try rotating your bars back a little and see if that helps, or some 2" pull back risers might help. having your seat set up so it moves you a little forward may also give you some relief. As was mentioned in the post above some larger grips might be all that is needed.
  5. DFHarley19

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    It happened to me when I purchased new bike in 2010. I changed from the stock bar to hertiage bar. It helped! I read somewhere that the size of grip could help... Mine seems good...
  6. Jim B.

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    I had the same problem when I got my 05 Wing and my 09 Road Glide. Pull-back risers on the Wing and Reach Handlebars on the HD, together with thicker hand grips on both, solved the problem. Also, get in the habit of consciously relaxing your shoulders, arms and hands while you ride. It is easy to tense up without even being aware of it.
  7. whitedog43

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    Thanks for the responses, I've adjusted the bars, seems that has helped a lot, rode about 130 miles yesterday wow thought I may have to sell this thing, stopped by the Harley dealer tried the reduced reach seat nah, been looking for a different helmet found what I wanted wore for the rest of ride thinking now the problem all along was the 40 lb. (or so it seems) helmet was the main culprit, thanks again fellows this 70 year old don't want to quit just yet
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    Keep on riding. 70 ain't that old. ENJOY the RIDE
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    That is some good news, bless you for still being able to enjoy your bike :rider