P1357 Front cylinder combustion intermittent

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    OK you guys. I got the following historic code:

    Twin Tec Twin Scan II Data
    Date: 2/19/2013 4 : 31 : 02 PM
    Found ECM node
    Found TSSM node
    ECM ID: 32772-01
    ECM Cal Code: 32848-02
    TSSM ID: 68922-00B
    TSSM Cal Code: 000412
    TSSM Serial Number: 2343
    ECM trips since last code set: 3
    ECM current diagnostic codes: None
    ECM historic diagnostic codes:
    P1357 Front cylinder combustion intermittent

    End of codes
    TSSM current diagnostic codes: None

    I have NOT had a chance to go to the manual yet (Electronic). If any of you guys have already hammered through the problem(s) that throw this code, I would appreciate your learnings!!

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    Take a look here and see if it might help: Front cylinder not firing...??? - Harley Davidson Forums
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  3. Jack Klarich

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    Just thinking out loud here, maybe injector wire harness or does your bike have a temp sensor?