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    I have been intermittently been throwing P0107 on my '09 FLHTCUI... all the diagnostic info I could find said check voltages, wiring, and etc. Talked to the Harley dealer and they said bad map sensor... Put on a new map sensor and I still have the problem. :( The bike runs like it's missing badly, loses power, then fires again... really running bad and then it will clear up and run great for a day or 2 then back to lousy...
    What could be some of the other causes? Clogged fuel filter? Dirty air cleaner? Clogged injector?
    I have put dielectric grease on the connections at the TMAP, Injectors and the EFI module.
    Any Ideas?
    2009 FLHTCUI, 44,000 miles, Vance and Hines fuel pack, V&H Power Duals, Arlen Ness Big Sucker and Bub slash cut mufflers.
    Any help really appreciated...

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    Del - I moved this out of the Self Help section and into a thread of its own to try and generate a greater number of helpful responses. Good luck with your troubleshooting!
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    Have you checked for the obvious problems like battery cables clean and tight at both ends? Did the dealer or you do a load test on the battery? What have you or the dealer recently added to the bike? Have you checked the voltage output at the VR or did you check the output from the stator?
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    Get an ohm meter and check the map sensor readings for yourself. The new one may be faulty. Here is a guide to what they should be.

    Sensor output voltage range is 0.5 to 4.5 volts. Output voltages between 0.5 and 1.5 volts indicate a high vacuum (low pressure) situation, such as idle or deceleration.
    Output voltages between 1.5 and 3.0 volts indicate a medium level of vacuum (pressure) such as a cruise or slight acceleration condition.
    Output voltages between 3.0 and 4.5 volts indicate a low vacuum (high pressure) situation such as hard acceleration or a mechanical failure.
    Any reading of 0 volts or over 4.5 volts indicates a problem.
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    Checked terminals and they seem fine... New battery last year- maybe 13 months old, and always on a tender.
    No new equipment installed. It really seems to start missing badly before it throws the code.
    I really think something is happening to alter the manifold pressures and that is confusing the sensor if you will...
    I just am not sure where to look...
    Really appreciate the help.
    Not really sure where to check the VR voltage...
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    check earths on the frame and battery, also check as has been suggested VR , lift tank and check wiring to the map sensor and the injectors, i recently had issue with my switch back cutting out after a long motortrip, turned out to be plug leads, swapped them no issues now, as well as some injector cleaner through the entire system
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