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Discussion in 'South East' started by flipper, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Okay, so our first official road trip was back the first week in May when my husband and I went to Gulf Shores, Al. on our bikes. (We live an hour north of Jackson, MS.) Since then, we've done (1) Memphis, (2)north La. over to Tyler, TX,(3) the Miss. Gulf Coast over to Slidell, La., and (4)northwest Alabama and back down the Natchez Trace. We had to park the bikes for a while because of INTENSE heat, home chores, and rain. That's okay. We have a nice trip planned that we are REALLY looking so forward to. The last week of October, we will go to Hot Springs, Ark. and spend the night. Next day, up hwy. 7 to Harrison. We plan to stay 3 nights there and take day trips each day: one up to Branson, Mo., and one over to Eureka Springs. After what we hope will be 4 glorious days of riding, we will travel back home all the way from Harrison. We would love to hear any suggestions about what we might enjoy as bikers, especially places to eat.... I got an iPad, and we hope to be able to chronicle our travels, as modest as they may be in comparison to the cross country riders.
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    A great area to ride. Enjoy the trip.
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    If you get a chance be sure and go by Petti Jean, Mt. Nebo, Magizine Mt. Arkanas some of the best riding antwhere...:D
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    Ride together when ever u can :s
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    I live in the Southeastern corner of Arkansas, and my wife and I recently took a short ride to Hot Springs. The most scenic part of the ride from Hot Springs to Greenville, Ms. was after we left Malvern, Ar. South on hwy. 9 to Hwy. 8 East. Hwy 8 will take you all the way across the state, but be sure that everything is up to par and that you have eaten before you head south out of town, because you will be traveling through some sparsely populated areas. Once you enter Eudora, Ar. you will need to head north on Hwy 65 for a few miles then right onto Hwy 82. There is a brand new bridge (really nice) into Greenville now, so the old steel one is closed. From there, you can easily go in whatever direction you need in order to return home.
    Have fun and stay safe!

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    Have a great trip Flipper and do take pictures...only a few more days before the end of summer...where did it go?!!!:bigsmiley6:
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    Yeah, where DID the summer go? Still kind of feels like it here.......was 104 yesterday and 101 today, but no humidity. It cools down quick and nice at night too. It was 63 when my husband made coffee this morning, so we decided to go for a ride before church. What a great time we had too! Wish I could start every day that way.