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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Nails, May 15, 2011.

  1. Nails

    Nails Member

    I'm looking to purchase a 3 compartment bags for my dash on the ultra. Narrowed it down to the HD model or the T-bags version that looks to be contoured to the top of the dash.

    Anyone have either of these and pros/cons on them? Thanks in advance,
  2. geezerglide57

    geezerglide57 Member

    I have had my T bag pouches for about a year and I really like them...Great for putting glasses and other small articles in.
  3. cheap80z28

    cheap80z28 Member

    only problem would be if you decided to get the hog tunes tweeter pod. the t-bag wont fit with it but the hd will fit right on top
  4. rydahog

    rydahog Active Member

    hd 3 pocket here, both on ultra, and 2 street glides..great for ipod, cigars, sunblock,,:D and they fit ,,,,
  5. horizonchaser

    horizonchaser Senior Member Contributor

    I don't have the Tbag or the three pouches on my windshield. I just have the one HD hard pouch on my windshield and I utilize it a lot. I have my sun glasses in there as well as my garage door opener fastened to the inside lid. I keep a small micro fiber towel in there for wiping my glasses. I keep pocket change in there as well. I also keep a Post It pad & a pen in a Zip Lock bag in there so if I visit someone and they're not home I can jot down a quickie note to them explaining that I was there. So as you can see, those little pouches come in real handy. Probably for their easy access. Oh yeah, one more thing, when I fill the bike up with gas, I take the plastic gas cap and turn it upside down and place it in there while I am filling the bike up. It's a lot easier than holding it in my hand. I mean, where do you :) that thing when you're pumping gas? Works for me.
  6. Slapp

    Slapp Junior Member

    Had the HD three pocket on the EG and found it scraches the windshield up from rubbing I even used extra dots that came with the bag too prevent it but still it rubed. When I replaced the shield I took the bag off.
  7. bigbubba402

    bigbubba402 Active Member

    I have the HD three pocket very handy:coffee
  8. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    I do not have any windshield bags. I think it detracts from the looks of the bike and just another thing in the way looking through windshield. Always wondered about the rattle aspect if the bags rattle against upper dash or items in them rattle. As some have said it can be a great convenience or annoyance. So choose wisely.....:s
  9. texas tom

    texas tom Active Member

    I bought kuryakans three pouch bag it has a nice contour to it and the center bag is larger but,the center bag wont stay shut with the little magnet so it flaps all the time so my wife got a hasp from a leather shop and got rid of the magnet,it has a felt backing havent noticed in scrathing of the windshield..
  10. IBA Harley

    IBA Harley Active Member

    I have the single version on mine; however, be aware... it will scratch up your windshield.