Old man’s early morning ride

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  1. leeanders

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    This morning I decided to take an early morning ride, before the Arizona sun got too hot. Being not a young man anymore, sometimes it’s difficult to convince myself to get out there and ride. But, as usual, no sooner did I get rolling did I forget all about age. It is indeed wonderful therapy to be out there, early on a Sunday morning, with little traffic and no particular destination in mind – just riding and enjoying each minute of it.

    At age 75, I thought about the past as I drove north toward Tombstone, about the difficult early years, about two failed marriages along the way, two grown children living their own lives on the other side of the country, a long career in the state of Oregon, a new marriage now of 15 years, and how I’ve reached the point in my life of not much to do but ride the Fatboy, and take the wife out for dinner on the weekends. I stopped at a turnoff along Hwy 80 south of Tombstone, on the way to Bisbee, had a sandwich and drink – and then went on through Bisbee to the Burger King on Hwy 92, heading back toward Sierra Vista, where I stopped off for an ice cream cone. The Fatboy ran well this morning and brought me back home safely. Maybe next week I’ll do this again.

    None of my family lived to be my age, so I guess I should consider myself pretty fortunate to be still wearing Levis and straddling a bike, while wandering around the desert communities of Arizona. Just thought I’d share my thoughts. Maybe I’ll see you on the road someday.
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    I hope I meet you on the road somebody. You seem to be a good guy to have a conversation with, and I am inspired by your riding age. I am 66 and wondering how much riding time I have left. Thanks for posting this. I find once I get going I also forget age and aches and pains. Take care of yourself.
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    Another 66 here and I also hope to meet you on the road somewhere for a ride. I'm just on the other side of the state from you and ride over to the Phoenix area from time to time to meet and greet other riders. Thanks for sharing! Glad it was a good ride!
  4. Trek

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    Well I hope I am your age someday typing the same message. I just got home 4 hours later with my 15 year old daughter after we left to run about a 20 minute errand on the bike. Good thing is we didn't forget the errand. My bride of 25 years said next time she goes on the errand with me. :D
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    Great story, thanks for sharing. I can only hope that at your age I can do the same (aside form the two other marriages!). Ride on my friend, ride on.
  6. YANK

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    You men have given me something else to look forward to. Buried Mother today and your post reminded me that I am still young @ only 54 and we all need to look forward and not back at what was but forward to all the good times we have left, if we remember to live. Thank y'all I needed that.
    ps there really isn't anything like those early am rides
  7. Harttoo

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    Thanks,I am 68 and as long as I can I intend to ride and go to Florida for Bike Week and Biketoberfest every year.
  8. 03HD883R

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    I'm not that old, but old enough. I've done the same thing, just go out for a ride with no particular destination in mind. I enjoy every minute of it too.

    Most of the time, my bike is my way to get to work, go shopping, or go out with friends. But it still feels good to go out on a ride to just get away from things.
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    Did something like that a week ago. I told the girlfriend I was going to go to a small town about 25 miles away, on Old Hwy 30. I got there and thought, next town is only another 25 miles by the freeway, and I can make a sales call and call the ride a business expense. I stopped, had pie and made my call. My daughter only lives about 40 miles more. Had a nice visit, and showed the son-in-law my Road King. He rides a BMW. I headed home. Well, as I rode into town, I met my girlfriend as she was leaving town to see if I had crashed and burned. She was not happy, but I had a great time! When I have enough miles, she will get a helmet and we will ride together.
  10. gator508

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    Thanks for sharing your story. Hope that you continue to ride as long as you want to and are able to. I'm inspired to do the same as I age gracefully (hope):D