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    Hi All
    All I see is to use 20w-50 in my bikes , I live in a country where it is 85 degrees plus every day , my question is why can i not use a 5w-50 as it is all i can get in M1 synthetic , I have a twin cam an evo and a panhead , I have plenty of 50 wieght oil for the pan i was mainly concerned with the evo and twin cam , thanks for your help
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    Go to the oil related tips forum and check out oil facts, there are also many other interesting oil tips in that section:D
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    Why would you want to go to 5w-50 in a hot climate over 20w50 first off ?

    Air cooled engines require different oils than water cooled and you're best off using what is suggested by the manufacturer of the engine. There's always alternatives but using them there are trade ofs too such as engine life for one.

    Do you think it odd that Mobil 1 V Twin is only offered in 20w50?
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    You may be forced to order your oil on-line and get some volume there to keep in inventory. If kept out of the direct sun, and not TOO hot, these oils should last until you need them (being reasonable about what you order, of course!). As mentioned above, take a look at the discussion in the oil related tips section of the site. Good suggestions there about what folks are using. Only caveat is to use the CORRECT fluids in each fill point.

    Oil Related Tips - Harley Davidson Community

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    I also got to wonder why ya would want to use lighterweight oil higher heat ya want something heavier
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    Reason i was to go with the 5w-50 is that is all that is available in Venezuela and reading in one web page the 5w or 10 w or 20w is for when it is cold the higher number being for the colder climate , since it was hot here i figured it shouldn't matter

    I had that backwards the lower the number in the front meaning it would crank easier in the colder weather , but to my understanding this oil as a 50 can take up to 300 degrees temp , or that is what it is tested to.I used it in my evo and when the bike is hot i still have 10 lbs pressure at an idle , maybe i best look for the 20W-50,not easy to get , it has to be flown in ect ect..
    thanks all
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