Oil Temps on '09 Dyna

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by JDPEagle, May 14, 2009.

  1. JDPEagle

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    I just got a new LCD oil temp and level dipstick. I have done a stage 1 with SEII pipes, SE Air Cleaner, and TFI Tuner. I also run M1 V-Twin oil in the crank.

    While cruising in 75 degree ambient temps, I looked down and noticed the oil temp to be 260 degrees!!! Should I be concerned? Is something not tuned right?
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    i have been tracking my temps on my 09 ultra stock with v&h basic pipes and mobil 1 20-50. and no fuel system or a/c

    i live in az my ride home is 40 miles with air temp on the free way the temp is 105 and going 70mph the hiest temp i have seen is 243.
    today i rode the 40miles at 70 got to apx. 235 got the free way a few stop lights temp went to just over 240.

    it takes the bike 15 miles to reach the 230 from garage temp of around 80ish to start

    i`m tracking to see how my oil cooler will improve things.

    my gauge is a hd plumbed into the pan.
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  3. glider

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    The M1 VT can take more than 300* without a problem unlike the dino oils that start to break down at 250* The 260* is a bit high for a properly tuned engine that isn't running lean. Make sure the gauge is accurate by boiling a pot of water and testing the end of the gauge in it. The reading shouldn't go over 212* if it is accurate.
  4. JDPEagle

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    As an update, it looks like the dipstick temp gauge is running about 5 degrees high (compared to two other thermometers in a cup of boiling water). Went for a ride today in 80 degree ambient temps and the reading showed 263 degrees when I pulled back into the driveway (258 degrees after adjusting for the 5 degree error).

    I readjusted the TFi settings exactly as suggested on this forum. After this, I went for another 20-or-so mile jaunt. The readings at every traffic light were again between 261 and 264.

    I emphasize that the bike runs great and responds very well to throttle inputs. I have just now added this LCD temp gauge, and I am alarmed at what it is telling me. The dealer has told me that this is normal operating temperature for the newer models (acceptable up to 300 degrees).

    Any other thoughts or ideas? I am about to accept that this is a normal operating range for this bike.
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  5. dolt

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    260 is too hot; don't care what the MoCo or anyone else says. If you ever get stuck in some traffic, she will hit 280 or more in a hurry. The synthetic will protect you at those higher temps but an oil cooler shoud be in your future.
  6. Sharky1948

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    I've got an '09 RK with 103" and the HD oil cooler. My gauge was reading 220* on a 85* day in a stop and go parade. I've seen it creep up to 240* but only for a short while, perhaps just before the cooler valve opened.
  7. The4opps1

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    Don't know if this will help, but my '99 Ultra is fitted with a H/D oil cooler, TFI, McEwan oil temp gauge plumbed into the pan, Mobil 1, a set of Andrews cams, V&H slip ons, and a roller chain conversion. The cooler starts to open about 185 degrees. My temps in 75 degree weather run about 200 to 210. I normally don't run more than 55 mph. I forget if you mentioned wether or not you had an oil cooler, but it might be a good investment. Good luck...
  8. JDPEagle

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    OK... final update. I spoke with the folks at Techlusion (TFi) about my settings. They agreed that I was most likely at the best settings. All of my settings were slightly on the rich side, so no heat issues coming from that angle. Any increase in the green pot would result in a great decrease in my gas mileage (currently 38-40 mpg solo).

    I went ahead and added the H-D oil cooler, and I noticed a huge improvement. While riding today in 95+ degree temps, I never saw the temperature rise above 242 degrees, and it often remained between 210 and 230 while cruising.

    I feel a lot better now (keeping in mind that my machine only has 4,200 miles on it). My only real complaint: H-D should have made the oil cooler standard equipment.

    Thanks to all on the board for your help and ideas!
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    u have extreme heat in the UK????? What would you call the heat in Houston???
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    Houston is a steam box.:newsmile010::newsmile010: