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    Hi All;
    I recently installed the oil temp gauge kit (PN 75265-04A) on my 2004 FLHTCI; and I have some comments about the kit for others who may be considering one.
    First I think having an oil temp gauge is the only way to go for driving in hot weather. I previously had the oil temp dipstick, which works fine, but I wanted to be able to continuously see what the temp is doing.

    So a few comments about the kit and it's instructions:
    1. The first section deals with preparing the motorcycle, and suggests completely draining the oil and changing the filter.(EDIT)
    This is completely ridiculous and unnecessary, especially if you have low miles on your current oil change.
    The sender mounts in the larger of the two Allen plug holes on the front bottom of the oil pan. It's very easy to remove the plug and then quickly insert the sender into the hole, and tighten it up. You should use a flat pan to catch the small amount of oil lost, then top up the level with fresh oil to the correct level.

    2. The instructions then say to first disconnect the battery negative (-) cable, then remove the main fuse. Thish entails removing the saddlebag and fuse cover on the left side, as well as the already removed seat. It's a whole lot easier to simply disconnect the battery negative (-) connection and leave it at that.

    3. The instructions then say to disconnect and remove the existing air temp gauge, then install the new oil temp gauge in it's place. This assumes that the wiring connections will be done with the gauge in place. This would be nearly impossible if you have average dexterity and hand size, as the back of the gauge is completely surrounded by fairing framework, clutch cable, wiring harnesses, etc.
    I found it much easier to bring the new sender pigtail and the existing 2 wire connector through the gauge hole, and do the wiring out in the open with the gauge loose. Then simply tiewrap the wires together and insert the whole mess into the gauge hole, then fasten the gauge. The backing plate for the gauge is designed in such a way that it does not interfere with the wiring at all.
    Meanwhile the unused existing 3 wire connector (that came off the air temp gauge) is tie wrapped up out of the way in behind the new gauge.

    Otherwise the instuctions are good I guess.
    I can only assume that whoever wrote the kit instructions has never actually installed the kit. You would think that any H-D tech who had installed one of these gauges would have suggested instruction revisions back to Harley.

    I offer these suggestions in the hope that it may save someone out there time and frustration someday.

    Best regards,

    Please read and understand the info in this link below...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Have to agree w/fact these instructions could use a few tweaks, but this is why forums are so beneficial. I researched the same install & found info. on negating oil change (inspection hole loses very little). Definitely agree w/wiring through inner fairing hole - a person would have to have "baby hands" to fit back there. Another good tip is to use one of those small pen magnets to hold nuts when starting them on gauge mount holes. Other than that - pretty easy install...good work!
  3. Johnny K

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    Great hints - thanks!
  4. glimmerman

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    i agree 100%. i connected the wires on the outside as well. i found i had to disconnect a number of wiring connectors and move the bases out. i also took off a bracket from the radio speaker so i could fit my hand in to get more room. i'd say take a picture of the back side before starting so everything will fit back correctly. took the gf and me several tries to get the outer shell on right. the manual says 3 screws per side and a lower screw near the steering head. i have 2 screws per side and i do have to remove the windscreen screws to get the shell off. must be a 2010 misprint.
  5. R_W_B

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    I tend to get kicks from HD instructions. They are not as bad as gas grill instruction that were made in Mexico. But they are somewhat hilarious sometimes. I generally have to read over them a few times to sort out what is really happeing.
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    red green from canada says to throw away the instructions and keep the foreign language ones. then you work from the pictures and tell the wife/gf you're trying to learn a new language.
  7. R_W_B

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    I love to watch that guy. His freaky friend is kinda weird though. I get cracked up everytime I watch one of his programs.