Oil Temperature Gauge Installation

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    i am installing MARLIN OIL/CHT GAGE ON A '09 TRI-GLIDE.where is a good connection to the ign switch? thanks leon

    spliced into cigarette lighter. thanks lb


    TIPS: when doing the rough install on the oil temp gage,
    1. put a light coat of RTV on your left hand (fingerprint area). this will hold the washers etc in place as you reach into the gage area to put the washer on the stud..
    2. do the one nearest you but leave it slightly loose. this will allow you to rotate the gage so you can put the other nust & bolts on.
    3. rotate the gage so that it is straight up. use a 2foot 1/4 " extension with a universal
    on the end; and a 3/8" 1/4" socket.(typically).
    4. if you have to reach into the area to install the final nuts;as before put skim coat of RTV on left hand (fingerprint area) reach in and hold the nuton the threaded stud;
    then trach in with your right hand index finger (longest one) and as you hold the nut,
    spin the nut with your right hand clockwise. this will start the nut.
    5.it also will help if you go to the hardware store and purchase 4 nylon locknuts;
    as they are thicker and easier to work with. the thin brass nuts go onthe inside and the
    nylon nuts go on last.
    6.you will also need 18 gage wire, along with 3 eyelit terminals; maybe 3 male .
    the instructions call them blase terminals. ane 3 female terminals. All this doesn't come with the gage kit.
    as far a where to hook up th wires to. i used the existing orange wire for the oil gage lighting. (i made a wire 4" long with a blade terminal on one end and a female end on the other. this allowes me to hook the wire into the existing wireing harness.
    7. the only time i had to strip a harness wire was on the cigarette (orange) power wire. to hook up and give power to the (i) IGN side of the gages terminal.
    8. i also went to RADIO-SHACK and purchased the silver oxide based grease.$10.00
    9. when you take out the head bolt Ft head nearest the horn. it is easier if you have a 9/16 drop-down wrench. but not necessary. USE a piece of emery cloth to roughen up the cylinderhead contact area on the brace for the cylinderhead temperature sensor. and the bolts washer. I also used the gringers wire brush for this.
    hope this helps.i hope it works, and lastly other guys may have a better info as to where to hook up the wireing. lb
    this will ensure good conductivity along with the grease.
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