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    Installed oil temp gauge in my 08 egc a week ago.today was first long open road ride,did about 120 miles of mixed 2 lane and interstate.
    As i have read elsewhere on this forum,you do spend alot of time looking at the gauge,but it is nice to know the temp.
    For the people interested my temps ran at about 190-200 while going down the road and when slowed by traffic in cities would then start to climb up but never anything drastic as highest temp was about 220.
    Riding conditions were sunny to partly cloudy,with wind of about 15-20mph and a temp of 80.
    I also have the h-d low mount oil cooler and im running royal purple 20-50 oil.
    Hope this helps anybody who is thinking about oil coolers or the oil temp gauge,in my opinion both are worthy investments to monitor and safegaurd your bike.

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    Glad the new oil temp guage and HD oil cooler are working out for you. Lets see some pix...or post them in the bagger pictures post! :D
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    I have an oil cap with a temp guage on it. Can't really see it while riding very well... But you usually know if its running hot or not, and its nice to be able to check. Anyone know how accurate these things are?
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    I have a Drag Specialties mechanical gauge in an 08 FB. Normal running temps are 220, but have hit 270 + when geared down in traffic or road conditions. I do have an HD oil cooler.
    Talked to HD guys in AZ who say engine oil temps can reach 350, whoa! When the pinging starts, shut it down and find some shade.

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    try sticking it in a pot of boiling water.

    When it gets to 212 degrees, sell !! :p
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    Installed a McEwen gauge and a HD oil cooler last year. Running Mobil 1, and with temps here in the Garden State being kind of cool, I'm normally at 200 to 210. During one hot day a few weeks ago, I hit 230, but that's about it. All of these items are really good addition to anyone's ride....
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    I installed a oil temperature gauge in place of ambient air temp gauge which was useless and always picked up the engine heat. I piped the sending unit into the engine oil pan and it seems to work well. Runs around 180-200 out on highway but in city traffic has gone as high as 260-270, thats when I turn on engine cooling fan and it usually helps keep temp under control. I did have HD oil cooler on it last year but had accident and had it removed. I didnt like the oil cooler as it seemed to let the oil get too hot before the thermostatic control would open the oil flow through the cooler. I use pure synthetic oil so not really worried about temps as bike will let you know when its too hot. But in all seriousness, the gauge is definately a nice addition and I like the fact that it exactly matches the other gauges.
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    I have the harley dip-stick digital guage, I am running 195 - 209 on my 05 Dyna Wide Glide, I run Syn-3 in everything.
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    You really should use a quality oil, the syn 3 is a group 3 oil and barely more than dino oil (It's a blend). Quality oils are group 4 and better. It's also priced right up there with the better oils too.

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community
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    Does anyone know for sure what oil temp guage I need for a 09 Ultra? I have conflicting reports of what I need for the 09. I have a standard 09 FLHTCU. Gauges are just like they are coming off the dealers floor. If anyone knows for sure I would appreciate it.