Oil tank reinstall on 82 flt

Discussion in 'Other Harley Davidson Models' started by hillcountryflt, Apr 29, 2010.

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    My first harley has grown a few leaks after being driven some for the first time in 4-7 years. I suspect old hoses cracked, etc.
    In any event one leak discovered was behind the oil tank. I was able to get the tank out (probably will clean it out with kerosene while it is out), but replacing it and getting new hoses attached looks like it will be a challenge. Possible options appear:
    removing starter motor;
    removing back tire/rear fender;
    removing panel opposite of oil tank (I believe starter solenoid is attached to this panel).
    I had planned on sealing off the primary and pulling the auto lubrication system as outlined in a number of posts here and elsewhere but concerns over impact on main bearing and clutch have convinced me to undo my work there.
    Any help here would be appreciated.
    Oh, when I drained the primary housing, the oil came out looking like coffee with too much cream. Would it be real challenging to "clean" out the primary?
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    Not to hard just pull primary cover let drain check shoe for wear look over sprockets & chain but chain is pretty long lasting. new gasket;; if u ever pull inner primary i remember a hidden bolt to release inner p. tranny area.. Not sure on oil tank hoses ......