Oil Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Nikko684, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Firstly, I want to say hi guys. Been gone for a bit. super busy with work lately. I do check in from time to time though ;) but hey, so I have a 2006 (Carbuerated) XL1200C. Now its time for an oil change, which I plan to do myself naturally. But the question is, What kind of oil should I go with? Should I stick to standard or go synthetic? Which brands are recommended by you more seasoned (salt n pepper) riders? lol.... j/k guys. but seriously, thoughts? Also, the primary... the goods and the bads? By the way my sporty has just under 13,500 miles on it.
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    When it comes to the transmission of a Sportster, I stick with a quart of HD Formula+. As for the crank, you can review the opinions of others.

    My school of thought is this. It's an air cooled engine. It has to lube and cool at the same time. So, change it regular and change it with something good. I'd recommend and decent synthetic and has the specs called for.

    But, opinions on oil threads can be ongoing.
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    Hey Nikko, I was where your at a few years ago with my 05 1200c. I read article after article vs. brand vs. type vs. study vs. scientist vs. companys and so on. So I tried a syn oil, it took about 1000 miles before I dumped it and went back to a HD lube for both holes and I haven't looked at another syn oil since. But, it's all up to you and what you think is best for your ride, good luck.

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    REMEMBER.....The Primary and the Tranny are in the same Oil Compartment (they Share it together)...

    I used 20/50 Redline in my 06 1200 Roadster motor (Mobil 1 20/50 good also)

    I still like HD's Formula+ in the Primary/Tranny.

    I have over 40,000 miles this way on my sporty... I have used Other lubes in the tranny but MOSLY the HD Formula+, seems to do the job the best. & Wet Clutch Approved...:s

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    I took BUBBIE's advise on my wife's bike (XL883L). I put 20/50 Redline in the engine and Formula+ in the primary/transmission. She could not be more than happy with her bike. Much more smooth and cooler! Easier to shift...
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    What was it you did not like about the syn oil?
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I think the general consensus almost everywhere is the HD formula+ for the primary. I'm still listening to everyone's thoughts on motor oil. I'll sort that out here soon I guess. I still have some research to do. I have heard a lot of bad things about synthetics.... So I'm skeptical of them. I will let you all know though.
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    Don't know why you may be skeptical of full synthetics in an air cooled motorcycle engine as that is where they excel over a conventional oil. I swear by Amsoil 20-50 in my crankcase and primary and Severe Gear 75-140 in the tranny. Motor runs nice and cool and the tranny shifts like silk.
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    You will never get a clear cut consensus on oil. Threads on oil will go on for pages and you'll see plenty of debate.

    Nothing wrong with Syn. You'll have a bunch of opinions on blends, what is a true syn etc. What is the best? What is the best deal?

    Just go with a reputable brand and change it regular (check the manual). You can't go wrong.

    Lucas, Amsoil, Mobile Vtwin, Rotella etc etc etc. Some folks avoid a particular brand for their marketing and sales approach. Some folks avoid a brand because of how they run their business. Some folks look for the best price. Some folks won't compromise and pay top dollar for what they consider "the best".

    IMO, I really don't waste that much energy on it. I've used most depending on what is around and the deal to be had.

    Good luck!!!