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    O.K. I will admit I am a little lost here (getting old & don't know much)!!
    Is Gear Oil & Tranny fuild the same?:newsmile040:

    I own a 2001 Electra Glide. When I put the bike it 1st (some times) It will kinda grid a little or just not go in a few sec's later it will with no prob. When I change gears its kinda loud, like a clunk.
    I let a friend take a ride on it, I never said anything about it to see if he would notice, but he said nothing, said it rode real nice.
    I am new to Hd's he is an old HD ridder, who also rebuilds and knows the bikes well.
    So is it just me?

    I have always used the best fluids ALWAYS in my bikes, better spend a little now, then alote later!
    So whats the bottom dollar here? What ARE the "best" recommended oils?
    Oil, Tranny and Primary?
    The bike has always had Synthetic is there synthetic Tranny and Primary?
    ..Are they ALL just flat out an OIL? :help
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    Re: Oil Reports From Members

    Here's some reading to get you started.

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

    If you use the search box at the top of the page, you will find enough reading to get you really confused. :) But the bottom line is that you want to get a good quality oil in your bike.
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    Joy has you covered on oils. The clunk and grind noises you hear are pretty normal. They always clunk from neutral to 1st and usually less noticeable as you go into each higher gear. A good synthetic helps, you can decide which brand while you're reading. :D
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    If they didnt clunk they wouldnt be a Harley, But a synthetic will lessen the clunk and wear and tear for sure

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    A lot of times when you FIRST start when cold.... The clutch is TIGHT and will cause a grind-BUMP of the cogs when you put into first..

    I usually squeeze the clutch lever in ALL the way and hold for about :30 seconds and let it LOOSEN on its own..... SOME TIMES no bumping.. but like you said WHEN you FIRST start out..

    If it happens ALL the time, it may need an adjustment, CLUTCH/CABLE adjustment under "self help"


    I use a very good lube,tranny oil, a full synthetic called REDLINE Heavy Shockproof.........

    Others will ALSO suggest Spectro, another BRAND tranny-lube oil....

    Another place that needs attention is the CLUTCH CASE/CHAIN CASE/PRIMARY CASE all the same just different words

    Your harley has 3 places to put oil into the bike. 3 holes = 3 different lubes/oils

    engine=20/50 full synthetic engine oil.. redline or mobil 1 v-twin..(just two of the many) use HARLEY OIL FILTERS ONLY

    Primary case/chain case/ clutch case= primary lube, redline primary lube or spectro primary lube or HD Formal+ are all good ones.

    Tranny lube oil.... IN MY BOOK nothing beats REDLINE SHOCKPROOF HEAVY.(.) spectro is also good 75w 140

    People call their bike "oils" and bike "parts" BY a lot of different words all meaning the same.. I used a few here to show you.

    I strongly recommend that WHEN your buddy rode your bike...... should of asked HIM ABOUT THE CLUNK AND GRIND... He being KNOWLEDGEABLE will set your mind at ease.

    The CLUNK is quite NORMAL but the GRIND is NOT...(into gear if continual after bike is warmed)

    MOST people have a problem putting a bike INTO gear(you will get used to it) especially when COLD and first time out.. Clutch WILL usually be TIGHT on first start and some grind will/can be present. AFTER warmed CLUTCH should not be TIGHT and NO GRIND should be present...... clutch squeezed ALL THE WAY in for a FEW SECONDS before shifting into first.......

    THEN,,,,,,,,,, YOU need to be FIRM and COMPLETE with the shifter and HOLD the direction it travels FULLY until it goes into the gear but Gentile enough not to DAMAGE the shifting mechanism.....NO STOMPING

    WELL yada yada yada... you get the picture, so go out and try it, you'll become an expert soon

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    :worthy Thanks for ALL the help!!, I am putting Lucas 85w 140 in the Tranny, changing the oil and checking the adjustment on the primary chain, and going to adjust the clutch cable today!!
    Thank you all for the help.
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    X2, I agree.