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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by FXDL4ME, Jul 7, 2016.

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    When I bought my new Low Rider, one of the perks I got, that I didn't even know about until after the deal was done, was FREE oil changes for life. Yep, FREE oil changes, including filter. However, this is with dino oil. So my question is, should I just forego the free changes and do my own oil changes with synthetic? Or let them do it, and run dino oil in my bike? Being that they're FREE, and I change my oil every 2500-3,000 miles, what are your thoughts on just staying with dino oil in a Stage One 103? This could save me a lot of $$$$ over the years. What would you do?
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    That's a good deal but I like to take care of that to keep an eye on any flakes or shavings that might appear. It sure would save a lot, though.
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    First off, what intervals will they do the free oil changes (how many miles)?
    Nothing wrong with dino oil, many still use it with no issues.
    I'd be inclined to take advantage of it if it were me.
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    Dino oil has worked fine for years.I think 3000 mile oil changes are "overkill",but they are free!
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    Never thought to ask them about the interval. I'm guessing it's probably 5,000 miles, as per HD. Dino oil go that long?
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    Some like to change sooner than 5,000 miles but most reports i've read dino oil will start the breakdown process at around 5,000 miles.
    That might be the reason Harley quotes those numbers.
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    Oil is like a religion to some, IMO there is nothing wrong with dino oil, Synthetic does not coke and break down as fast, the hydro carbons have been altered and stretched out if you will, they disparate heat better and provide better lubing traits over higher temperatures than dino oil, can you go longer between changes? Probably once again your ride you decide. What are the mileage intervals the dealer will change for free for you?
    Look here
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    I put Dino oil in all 4 vehicles and synthetic in both my motorcycles. Royal purple cycle max and Redline for the bikes and Pennzoil for the cages. Like as said above nothing wrong with Dino. I would let them do it for free if I had that deal.
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    Its dependent on what you feel comfortable with. If dealer is changing per maintenance schedule and that's not often enough for you, then change in between and use what ever type of oil you desire but be sure to use a HD O.E. oil filter. I am sure the offer does not include trans or primary which at dealer will be much more expensive than if you changed those oils. I would be careful of the upselling because believe you me you are or have paid for those oil changed some how. Like the motorcycle you got for free because you purchased that $18,000.00 dollar T-shirt..........:eek:
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