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  1. 22Raptor

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    98 ultra. have new engine (rebulit evo). 0 miles (since installation). when i start it, oil psi pegs gage. stays pretty steady through diff. rpms. no unusual noises, in fact it sound really nice. should i have any concern?
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    yes, what spring do you have installed in the oil pump? aftermarket? too much oil pressure is concern but i have a '09 t/g at 11k i had the dealer install a aftermarket oil spring. (cant thinkl of the name just now but at idle the twin cam runs 15psi or a but less but above idle it runs 55-60 psi steady
    as a rock. since i have the S&S 510 gear cam (which has cage bearings)at 14k miles s&s says thats grear because the cage bearings need the quick oil pressure
    at start-up. call the guys that you got the motor from and ask.

    you have a possability of blowing oil seals in the bike.i know your engine is tight now but above idle rpm it (oil pressure ) needs to be more toward normal limits, as you ride the bike you may not notice a ruptured oil line or seal before a-lot of damage is done to your engine. one guy had a oil cooler line come off while rideing & it really damaged the eng.
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    Check your oil sending unit.
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    Yeah, I'd put a direct reading gauge on it to verify the high pressure before throwing parts at it. Sounds to me like you may have a pressure relief spring issue. I wouldn't run THAT much oil pressure for fear of blowing a seal or (dunno if it's possible on a HD) spinning a bearing.
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    "Pegs gage". What does that mean? What is the max reading on the gage - 100 psi?

    You really need to use an oil pressure gage that will give you a more accurate reading rather than the gage in the dash. Normally these screw into the oil sending unit tap in the block.

    Too much oil pressure (not good) can indicate that the plunger in the oil pressure relief port is stuck, or the spring it way too heavy. If the rebuilder used the Baisley spring, they may have used the LMR-004 rather than the LMR-002. The '004' is for race applications and is probably too much for a street build.

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    thanks all for your advice. the oil pump and oil psi sensor are org, did not change out or modify. the dash gage max reading is 40psi. will try external oil psi gage for starters.
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    I have a mechanical OP gauge on mine all the time, bolts onto the rear rocker bolts. When I first change my oil, mine goes pretty near 40 psi on start up. Currenty it runs about 25 to 30 on start up and a good strong 40 at cruise.

    What weight oil you running?
  8. 22Raptor

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    i'm running 20/50 hd oil, pretty much since 98.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I would get that Puppy Out and RIDE it.

    I would not be concerned about the oil pressure as YOU Have it.

    One of the nicer motors made. I owned a 1997 FXDS (from new) and it was a great bike. Can't beat an EVO in good condition.

    Yours has and should prove the same again.

    I remember many saying to warm it enough for the warmth to get into the heads after First starting. I always did this and never had a cyl, or top tins oil leak ever.

    Ride Brother Ride.:D

  10. TQuentin1

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    I just reread this thread, and realized all the info I posted above is completely off-target for an EVO ... sorry about that.

    On your EVO, you also have an oil pressure relieve on the pump. Check that out to make sure the spring in it is Ok and that it is functioning. Then as Bubbie says, get out and ride it. With the rebuilt engine and everything new and tight, that higher oil pressure is probably expected especially if your gage only reads to 40 psi. See what happens after about a thousand miles.

    BTW, don't forget to do the rings break-in procedure found here:

    Harley Davidson Community

    And change the oil sooner than later. General recs for fluids:

    Generic fluid recommendations

    Engine: FULL synthetic 20W50 VTwin engine oil
    Tranny: FULL synthetic 75W140 GL-5 gear lube
    Primary: Fit-for-purpose chaincase/wet clutch lubricant (like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary, Redline Primary, etc.)