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    Hope someone can shed light on what is going on. I have an 01 electra glide. Yesterday after about 5 min of riding my check engine light flashed several times ( about 5 or 6 times ). After the engine was good and warmed up and oil temp was up my oil gauge showed very low pressure. I immediately pulled over, but did not notice excessive heat from the temp gauge and no idiot oil light. Checked the oil right off and found it was down a half quart. Added oil and started it after it cooled completely down ....boom oil presure gauge showed 60 psi cold. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks for what ever help you can offer.
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    Unless you have already up-graded your tensioners, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200. Immediately remove the nose cone and check the condition of your cam chain tensioners - both the outside and inside. See below for how to.

    Cam Chain Tensioners - Harley Davidson Community

    I am worried about the little bits of plastic from a disintegrating tensioner shoe jamming or interfering with the operation of the pressure relief valve plugger allowing too much scavaging to drop the oil pressure. I had this happen to my '03 engine. Took off the nose cone, and little bits of orange plastic scattered all over the inside of the cam chest.

    If this is the case, consider the roller chain conversion. See below:

    Roller Chain Conversion white paper

    Roller-chain Conversion - Harley Davidson Community

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    I second what TQ said. Did the tenrioner upgrade on my '99 a few years ago. TQ did a great workup on this process. Check it out, but don't put this off. Something is amiss here, and it's not just a fluctuating oil pressure gauge. Good luck....
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    Man I cannot thankyou enough. I will check it immediately. Can't stand for my bike to sit.