Oil light on after cam conversion?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by snowman06, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. snowman06

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    I recently installed a conversion kit on my 06 softail to the newer hydraulic chain tenshioners new oil pump and all. The first 2 times I started the bike and let it run I turned the switch on both the check engine light and the oil light came on and then went out, then I started the bike. Just let it run for 5-6 min then shut it off. Last night when I turned the switch on both lights came on but the oil light would not go out. As soon as I hit the start button it went out and never came back on. The dealer told me over the phone that it was normal because there was no oil pressure until I started the bike. Why did the oil light go before I started it the first couple of times I ran the bike? If this is nothing someone let me know because it's driving me crazy.:small3d023:
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    Why it went off the first time is a mystery you will never figure out. It takes a couple of pounds of oil pressure to put it out when the engine is cold and it shouldn't go out until the pump puts out that much pressure. Sometimes it may go out while cranking on some motors but usually it takes a fire up to get the pressure to put the light out.
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    I've never seen the oil light go out on any kind of vehicle go out until it's running....if you have doubts about the answer, go out and do the same thing in your car or truck. turn on the key with out starting it and look at your dash lights.:D
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    The oil light on my buddies stock road king stays on until start up. Just checked it. I guess I never paid any attention to it before the swap. What's an easy way to check oil pressure? What should it be with the new pump?
  5. Bud White

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    Manual Oil pressure gauge is easiest
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    as long as the light is out while the bike is running...your good
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    I wouldn't worry to much about it, just like it's already been stated, if the light goes after cranking it should be fine, you may have had a little pressure built up in the engine before start up during the rotating the crank and cams just lining every thing up and adjusting push rods, if your still worried install a pressure gauge so you can see what the actual pressure is.