oil leaking from air cleaner

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by weldbead, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. weldbead

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    i recently noticed after i shut my 2002 fatboy off, a single drop of what looked tobe oil dripped from the bottom of the aircleaner. anyone heard of this ?
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    How much oil are you running? many will run a little less oil then called for just for that reason. Theres threads here on the forum relating to this issue.
  3. stray dog

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    Your crankcase breather tubes run to the inside of your air cleaner for EPA reasons. You will get a fine mist of oil running to your intake.
    Maybe its time to check/clean/change your air filter.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    +1 on stray dog's post, had my air cleaner off a couple weeks ago, no drips but had a mist covering the inside of air cleaner plate and inside of throttle body.

    Check to be sure the hoses are in good shape, maintain the proper oil level, a restricted air filter will act like a choke and pull the oil to the bottom of the filter where it will drip out the housing
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    2002 models were equipped with plastic head breathers and, over time, they try to warp from the exposure to heat and oil. In 2004, the plastic breathers were upgraded to an all aluminum breather to address this issue. In 2010 a new "stamped" breather replaced the aluminum breathers.

    Of course, depending on mileage and the condition of the top end, the oil you are seeing could be blow by from worn piston rings; a compression test will tell you the condition of the top end.

    Replace your head breathers with the 2010 parts; they are cheap and easy to install; you should replace the rocker box cover gaskets as well. The rear breather can be difficult to remove but it will come out. The new breathers are thinner and have shorter bolts; much easier to install and remove.

    If that doesn't help, check compression and see how your top end is holding up.:s