oil leaking from air cleaner

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by captevil, May 11, 2011.

  1. captevil

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    hey guys, i just got back from a trip to the smokies, lots of long downhill grades, what a blast ! on the way home at a gas stop i noticed a light coating of oil on my right saddle bag, checked my oil level, it was fine, since i was in the middle of nowhere if kept going, checking oil every time i stopped. i had no more oil show up the rest of the trip. could the long downhill sections , dragons tail and the skyway have caused oil blowby ? pulled the air cleaner off and it looks fine. btw my bike is a 2008 flhtp 103" se 255's d&d exhaust just did the 15,000 2 weeks ago. thanks for any advice
  2. 67wizard

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    I get a small bit of blowby if the oil is full. Most have said run it about a half qt low and it won't puke oil out. Not much blow by just a few small spots once in awhile.
  3. kt23287

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    I have an 09 Ultra, 103 ci with 251 cams and V&H x pipe and monster ovals, SE backplate and K&N zipper air filter,and same drip problems. Very annoying for me so I tried the Doherty mystfree kit, might have helped some. I bought a new SE backplate and was going to drill the bottom side of the standoffs where the breather bolts attatch, to tap some threads for a little brass fitting I could run hoses to a Y and then to the ground.
    As I removed the breather bolts to mount the new backplate to mark it for the holes I noticed the O ring was crushed pretty bad on one side. The backside of the backplate has o rings and the breather bolts do too. On the jiffy stand, the bolts go in at an angle, and there is recess at the top of the shank the O ring can walk off of because of the downhill slant. I ended up using a tiny speck of RTV to hold the O ring in place and so far so good, only a couple of 50 milers to work but no leaking yet. Check your rubbers
  4. glider

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    Long or lots of downhills will cause a bit of oil misting and it will push into the air filter. Like mentioned above, if you are doing that type of riding often drop the oil level 1/2 qt.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Check the hoses from the heads to the back of the air filter for kinks this will also cause oil build up
  6. Iceman24

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    Like glider mentioned - I lowered oil level 1/2qt & haven't had any re-appear from A/C since. Always check level during pre-ride inspection & never drops so give 'er a try.
  7. kt23287

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    I am about three hash marks (squares) low on the dipstick and she still spits, I am also running an HD oil cooler. As mentioned before, longer distance at steady highway speed seems to make it happen more often. Still waiting for a longer ride to check the misting then.
  8. captevil

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    thanks glider, will try that next trip in the hills. after i got out of the mountains, i did not notice any more oil for 500 plus miles.
  9. flh canuck

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    Check your air filter as well.

    If it gets dirty or becomes saturated with oil (dry type), your intake will be inclined to draw more oil out of the breathers and make the problem much worse.
  10. BUBBIE

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    I have always had Less oil in the air box when Keeping my oil level Not Quite Full ,,, at least a 1/4 qt low for me is a Must..