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    Hello All, I've got oil leaks at base of rear jug and maybe rear push rod block. budget is keeping me from doing fix right now. Has anyone ever use an oil leak stop product and if so were there any problems. I need a cheap fix till early next yr. Any help or ideas would be a help. Thanks:(
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  2. TQuentin1

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    DON'T DO IT!!

    I have a '91 Dyna which leaked from the base gasket too. Couple of questions:
    • Is it just getting oil wet between cleanings (which is VERY frustrating I know!)?
    • Is it pouring out of there in a small river of oil and forming a puddle on the ground?

    If it is the first problem, you can probably milk it for a while until you have the scratch to do the job. Mine leaked like that for a couple of years until there was enough slop in the base gasket that the jug moved enough for the head gasket to blow. Then you have no choice!!

    You can extend your repair cycle point by letting the engine warm up well BEFORE taking off on it. As a rule of thumb, I let it warm up until the valve covers are warm to the touch keeping the engine at or below 1,200rpm while warming up.

    Also, baby the bike a bit with no "git up and goes" or overly high revs (like keep it below 4K).

    If your answer above was the second choice, too late. Better start counting your pennies.

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    The gaskets you need don't cost that much
    and you should be able to strip out and rebuild to the base gasket in half a day the big problem is getting the old base gasket off cleanly
    can take a long time with a gasket scraper

  4. abe69

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    Thanks to all for the info. I get a small puddle about size of half dollar to silver dollar size. Looks like I'll have to start saving.
  5. glider

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    I agree with TQ, save the money and do it right, no additives in the oil unless you are looking for even a bigger problem.