Oil leak bottom rear engine cylinder 2010 fatboy lo.

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Aerodawg, May 25, 2014.

  1. Aerodawg

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    I have a 2010 fatboy lo with 15000 miles on it, came home from work the other day on it and noticed a wet oily stain on the top of the crankcase cover, looks like the oil is seeping from the bottom of the rear engine cylinder catching on the top of the crankcase and slowly seeping down the left side of my bike. Its not dripping as i have no oil stains under the bike yet but the stain is starting to get larger. I checked my oil level and my oil level appears normal. I guess im just nervous as every year something breaks on the bike since i bought it. Is it still safe to ride until i can get it in the shop sometime next month. also maybe im paranoid but in the same spot where the oil stain is on the top of the crankcase by the rear engine cylinder is a seam where the 2 halves fit together, looks like there is a square hole that could fit a flat tip screwdriver head never noticed it before and it could be for the maintance of the bike but is this suppose to be there or did i lose part of a seal there?, really appreciate any advice you can give me.
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    The hole or divot you describe is suppose to be there. I think only the Soft Tails have it. It is to pry the engine cases apart probably have another in the front. I would clean the area good with carb. or brake cleaner and make sure what is leaking, rear cylinder or case seam.
    It will eventually have to be repaired, which ever is leaking. The cylinder will be easier than pulling the motor out and splitting the cases. As far as riding it, many people do. Just monitor the leak and your oil.
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    Thanks for answering tourbox.. I kinda figured that square hole was for that purpose. I will get it cleaned to make sure where the leak is coming from, but it sure looks like it's from the bottom of the rear cylinder due to the oil stains on the base of it. I just wanted to make sure I was not damaging it any further by riding it with it leaking like that. My friend says its now a true Harley as it now leaks..lol. Thanks again!
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    Oil can migrate in strange ways on an air cooled engine it is not always where it collects that is the source
    Clean the area with a good degreaser and check often for new signs of oil to pinpoint the source
    Base gasket failure is not uncommon on evo engines although I have experience only one on the 4 evo bikes I have had and often associated with insufficient warm up of the engine I am not aware of a similar issue on the tc engines however stuff happens we fix it and gain experience

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    Now I have a second situation I may need to ride it to Ohio and back to Georgia in the next week or so.. figure a 1500-2000 mile round trip ..would that be ok or should I cancel the ride and wait till I can get in the shop before going on a long ride.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I truly Doubt IF you would leak out a total of 4 Oz. in a LONG-LONG ride...

    I would not get too concerned and do the ride... Take along a quart of extra oil.. I'd bet at fuel stops you will see NOT enough oil loss to even add..

    Oil looks like a lot...IF you had a 6" puddle on the floor or loosing a Pint at a ride, Then I'd say different.

    Ride that bike...:newsmile01:

  7. Jack Klarich

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    Every time you stop for fuel check your oil, and carry a quart or two with you:s
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    Having had an old shovelhead, like said above the oil leak doesn't cancel my plans. Now burning oil out the exhaust? LOL That's an oh no situation. Good luck with ride!
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    I had the same issue on my '07 Super Glide, I've got the silver engine/case and you could see the oil seepage stains. I'd wash it and a few houndred miles later, there it was again. I eventually had my dealer replace the gasket between the bottom of the cylinder and the case. Problem solved. >4000 miles later still good!
  10. Aerodawg

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    Thanks for the replies, I rode to Ohio and back last weekend with no problems other than a deer jumping out in front of me on the interstate in KY on the return trip.. guardian angel with me on that one!! It used the normal amount of oil that I usually put into it for normal riding around town. I cleaned it and its wet again but I cant get a clear idea of where its coming from as its seems to leak slowly over time. I will have the dealer check it out on the next checkup. Thanks again.. due to your answers I got an awesome ride out the bike.