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  1. As a new Harley owner, I want what's best for my scoot. My dealer recommends genuine Harley oils in all three holes. Friends of mine use Amsoil and swear by it. What's better, Amsoil or Harley oil?
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    Your ride you decide Engine Oil Poll - Harley Davidson Community here is a poll a good thread to get you started, IMO all 3 holes should not take the same lube
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    Check out this thread as well. Oil Related Tips - Harley Davidson Community

    There is a MSDS for Harley Syn3. Harley oils are good but there are better synthetic oils out there (like Amsoil, Redline and Mobil 1).
    You could check out the white papers from Amsoil that has test results comparing different brands.

    Have fun deciding what you'll use in your ride.

    As many say: your ride, you decide.
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    Pretty much a "owner-specific/preference" topic. I prefer M1 20W/50 synth in the motor, Spectro 6-speed GO & Spectro Primary oil. Works for my taste...
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    Who do you trust more? Your friends or the Harley dealer who wants to sell you Harley products. Looks like your friends win out to me.
  6. I trust my friends, but I understand that my warrentee will be voided if I run anything but Harley oil in it. Is that true? Can the dealer put other brand oil in my scoot? The dealer will be doing all servicing and mods since I know nothing about mechanics.

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    NO not true..
    You can have ANY oil you choose put into the bike AS LONG as it Meets the same specks than the HD calls out for..

    They Can NOT make you use their HD OIL ...IF they said you had to,,, THEY would Have to PUT it IN your bike for free and when Needed..

    I would use a full synthetic after break-in on a new HD and a special primary lube calling out For Wet Clutch OR Formal + which is.. these are good choices

    In the tranny I would only use a GEAR OIL saying it is Meant for the gear box.

    I use only All REDLINE Products in my 09 FLHR and EVERY HD I have owned...(Many)

    I use only Redline:
    20/50 engine
    MTL primary or V-twin bottle for primary
    Shockproof Heavy in tranny

    I personally would NOT run HD's syn 3 in any of bikes.:newsmile055:

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    No, and yes.

    Check this out:

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

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    Good advice!!
    The warranty can only be voided if an aftermarket product that is used/installed CAUSES a failure. It is the burden of the dealer or factory to prove cause of failure.
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    #1) False
    #2) They could if they are willing but probably not. They sell HD items.
    #3) Get a manual and you will find that routine maintenance is quite easy. You will find that many members have never done maintenance before but with manual and your HD community here you will be able to do it. Plus it gets you to know your bike better.