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    when checking oil on a 1994 soft tail custom do you do it on jiffy stand or stand the bike up right. thanks
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    Engine oil on the side stand ensure the bike engine is fully warmed up prior to checking the oil
    gearbox and primary bike upright


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    May I Add;

    With the Oil Tank up above the crankcase, A lot of times the Missing Oil WILL Drain into the SUMP and show low when checked COLD and Not started for some time...

    May I suggest; Look into tank and "see" the level WHEN COLD... Then I assume you Have oil (if you see it DON'T add any Yet), Start the bike and allow it to fast idle (no blippinng the throttle) and then in 2 minutes, shut it off and check...
    You probably will see the Missing LOW Oil has Pumped back from the crankcase Sump and into the oil tank...

    My 06 sport (high side oil tank also) shows Oil really LOW after sitting a few days and doing the "start,idle thing" brings it UP into the tank again for a More accurate check even when COLD...
    My bike shows a strong quart low and it is ALL in the sump...

    The Sump being FULL with the missing oil is no time for revving the motor EXCESSIVELY.Pump it back at idle first.

    Try the above Method. IF still low and warmed, Then add the oil IF needed.

    Just My Way