Oil Change question with an HD oil cooler

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bobalu, Mar 26, 2011.

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    I'm still waiting for delivery of my new Road King Classic, and had them install the HD oil cooler while I'm waiting (its a new 2010, TC96).

    When it comes time to change the oil, I'll be switching to full synthetic. My question is, the oil cooler seems to sit at the lowest point (below the engine oil drain plug). Do I need to somehow drain the oil cooler as well as the engine to ensure all the oil is out?
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    I will probably get flamed, but I agree with Smitty. Now if you had some sort of mechanical problem with the engine it might be worth it to drain as much as you can and I would probably refill the oil, run a few minutes and change it again. Under normal use, I think the residual amount of oil doesn't make any difference. Others probably do not agree.
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    This would do that for you if you're so inclined:

    ..::Rogue Chopper::Welcome::..

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    Doc has you covered, and I agree with Smitty. But as an alternative, you could drain all old fluid including the oil filter, fill with less expensive "Dino" oil, run the engine for a few minutes or hours, drain and fill including your new filter oil and fill with your expensive 100% Syn...the small amount of clean dino oil in there would not be a problem if you "clean" flush the oil this way...just a thought and way cheaper.
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    Thank's everyone for your replies.

    I realize that the small amount of residual oil is not that big a deal. Notwithstanding, I am just anal enough about my bike maintenance to get the Rogue Choppers scavenger system referred to by the Dr. (thanks Doc!). Thanks also NEWHD for your less expensive suggestion.

    You guy's rock! :guitar

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid of using the unit like it states. The Pipe PLUG they are having you take out Besides the drain plug IS USUALLY a No No..

    Located directly Under the crank-case,,, AND If you break the casting, which DOES happen, Would mean the whole engine Has to come out... I'd stay clear of that purge system....

    I could Suggest the way I have done it to get Old Oil Out..

    when i change oil (not always) i drain the oil HOT , put plug back into the motor oil pan...add 3 quarts of oil to the bike.

    THEN remove the old filter.

    Remove spark Plugs and with a oil filter drip tray, catch the PUMPING old oil ,

    hit the starter for 3 seconds,,,,

    then watch what color of oil is coming out,,,

    3 more seconds and it usually is clearing/cleared up..

    Then i fill oil filter once to the visual inside top and allow to sit for a minute, soaking in.

    Then put filter on and tighten..

    Replace plugs, start and run for a minute. Shut off and check level to make sure that the oil IS CLOSE to and above add mark..

    IF lower than 1/2 quart on the COLD level,,, I put about 1/4 quart oil in and take it out for a run. Then I check when back Heated,,, then fill Properly to the correct level and that is where I leave it. Under a little is better IMO than right up on the full mark..

    My bike takes a LITTLE Less than 3.5 quarts to fill with oil & filter change...

    4.0 quarts has just a wee bit left when finished FLUSHING out the engine and my bike is properly topped off... works for me.

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    Have oil coolers fitted to two of our H-D's and another on my Triumph.We just drop the oil and then refill.You would have more oil trapped in your cases than the negligible ammount in the cooler.

    If you're THAT excessive ,maybe you could let it drain for 30 minutes,then tilt the bike from side to side;then crank it over a few times and let it drain and tilt some more.

    Or you could do what everyone else does and just fill it up.Why worry about a cupful of oil when you're playing with almost a gallon.

    What do you reckon your Dealer does?
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    Would not worry or try to remove O.E. oil IMO. You will be changing oil at a 1,000 miles then 5,000 miles so the small amount left over is insignificant and shortly will be all syn anyway... Enjoy the ride!!!
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    Yeah, I'm now thinking this as well. By the time the synthetic is in, I'll have changed the oil twice already. :newsmile026:
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    Don't feel bad, I would be looking to drain the cooler myself :D