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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by troupadoor, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. troupadoor

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    Just wondering what your thoughts are on this, I didn't change the oil when I winterize my bike this fall , in the spring would it be better to fire it up let it warm up and then change it, or just change it while it cold before starting it up for the season. thanks. Leo
  2. glider

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    Always warm it up and possibly put 10-20 miles on it before dropping the oil. It loosens up any crud that has settled in the oil system and will drain out with the old oil.
    Best to store the bike with the fresh oil and filter rather than letting the old oil with the acids sit in it over the winter.
  3. fiveoh455

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    I'm with Glider...I always change to oil prior to winter storage. Read somewhere years ago that used oil becomes acidic, and letting it sit in the bike for 4-5 months just doesn't seem like a good idea.
  4. UglyJohn

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    I'm with Glider on this one. Start it up and give it a good run. I'd probably get it up to temp myself, but that's just me. Then bring it home and change out ALL the fluids. While the fluids are draining, this will give you the time to get the wax out and hand it over to your better half to wax up the bike, while you have a cold beverage and cigar! :D

    Might want to forget the last part of the previous sentence if you don't have any TV dinners available. Otherwise you'll go hungry at dinner time. Take from one old Ugly guy that's been there done that. :s
    Ugly John