Oil blowing into the AC

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Justmac1, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Justmac1

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    This questioned might have been answered before but I can'y seem to find it and I'm in a bit of a hurry.
    I have an 09 ultra and I just had a 103 kit with 255 cams installed. The engine has less than 42oo miles on it and since the 103 kit it's throwing a lot of oill out the breather into the AC and down the side of the bike,
    It's back at the dealer today and they can't find a problem,,
    MY biggest concern is I've had a trip planned for two years to tour the US and I'm suppose to leave at 6am Monday. I know the timing was poor but the install was suppose to be covered as long as it was done within 60 days of purchase.
    ANyone have any ideas on how I can get the techs pointed in the right direction.
    Thanks Mac
  2. 2000classic

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    With the work that was done, I would guess the oil pump alignment was not done properly, or they totally messed up the assy. of the breathers in the rocker boxes.:(
  3. Justmac1

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    Thanks, there suppose to get into the rocker boxes this morning. I just don't want a quick reroute of the lines and I'm still blowing out oil underneith.
    It helps me to be able to make then THINK I know a little something about whats going on.
  4. glider

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    Oil pump alignment or the "O" ring on the pump is broken/missing or not installed properly. Oil overfull would do it too as would problem breathers in the heads.
  5. ironmark

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    Check the oil level I have the same engine build as you do & I keep the oil level half way on the dipstick , when I do a oil change I only use 3 1/4 QTs , the book calls for 3 1/2QTs , it seems that when I put in 3 1/2 QTs that I get oil in the air breather also some techs get lazy or something & dump in 4QTs I had that happen 1 time when the dealer did the oil change .
  6. JimLaflin

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    I agree with Ironmark. First check your oil level also clean up around the air cleaner where the breather tubes discharge it is typical for an oil overfill to continue spilling
    a little oil which can appear to be alot down the side of the bike especially if run hard
    or in high ambient temps. Good luck on your trip. Keep the shinny side up.