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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by qbert1963, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. qbert1963

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    Wow, this past Sunday I was riding my scoot and was cut off by some......one. Thankfully I'm able to write about it but my bike took a bad hit. The car that hit me ran off and the cops are looking for the owner. Anyway, here's my problem, place I took bike to says the horns on the frame are bent but it could be fixed. Not what I wanted to hear. Before they discoverd the frame problem the quote was about $4700.00, now it's gonna be more but am I being a jerk in wanting my insurance to total out the bike or should I not freak over this frame issue? The guy at the shop said as they take more parts off they may find more things wrong. How would you guys go about this, cause I'm flipping out!!!
  2. lorne

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    personalty bent frames tell me to take the insurance, and go out and find another bike. I have heard of a few guys who have had them straightend out and they ride like new ..but i just wouldn't feel comfortable ..JMO
  3. speedyron

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    total it and get a new one
  4. dbmg

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    If you have a touring bike and only bend the ear that the spill bar attaches to the bike, the insurance company usually totals bike. Try to be patient, I know its hard but maybe totaling bike might be a silver lining. You have been wanting a new bike eh????:s
    Wait and see for it is quite easy to total bike and that may ultimately be the out come.
  5. masher

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    I wanted my insurance company to total my bike because of the bent frame, but they wouldn't. Luckily, the shop that fixed it did a great job and it rides like new, but I would imagine that's pretty rare. Try to get them to total it if at all possible.
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    The place I brought it to says he can't fudge their story in my favor to insurance company and has to tell them that they can fix it or they loose creditbility with insur. My adjuster says he has to look at it again. Here's the other thing, I don't really like anything HD has out this year and worry about buying someone elses problem. But I did find the exact same year softail as mine, same color too with only 6000 miles on her and it would be like starting all over again!!!!! :) Guess I have no choice but to wait. I hate waiting. Feel as though I'm getting the short end of the stick from MY insurance, not right. Don't I have any kind of say so with my insurance company about wanting a bike with a bent frame?
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    I can understand the repair shop not wanting to fudge the story. A good business is not one that will deal with lets just say ...the untruth. If you are unsure get a few others estimates and use the estimates to decide what is the best option.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Sorry to hear this, get your adjuster back to the shop and have him total the bike that is what you pay insurance for JMO
  9. gator508

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    First off, be glad you are alive to tell the story.

    Frame damage, it will probably not ride like it used to, get your adjuster to total it like Jack suggests.
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    This is how choppers started....if they don't total it.... get a new frame, ebay has lots, build it your way