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    I just bought an 88 FXRS LR with 22K on it. I don't have enough posts up to upload a pic but will asap. It has a salvage title but I'm fine with it for the price. It has drag pipes and 20 yrs ago I'd have been thrilled with that. Now at 52, it's just loud. Where is the best place to find a set of OEM pipes? I'll look in CL and e-bag, any place else?
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    You might also be able to find replacement pipes that aren't OEM but much quieter than what you have.

    Try J&P Cycles, Dennis Kirk, as well as the home websites for all the pipe manufacturers.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to the forum. Here's a link for Statewide Craigslist searches.Search Craigslist by state and More.
    It may help if you post a "wanted" on C.L. There's bunches of stock FXR exhausts hanging on garage rafters, forgotten by the owners. Good Luck

    (Wedgehead... MoPar fan?)
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    Yes I am, big time. I'm trying to sell my 64 Dodge project. I bought it 8-10 yrs ago for a maxwedge clone project. I have 8-10 yrs worth of good stuff too. I got the harley bug and it's my best cash cow.