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  1. khewell

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    I have an 08 heritage softail classic. No owners manual.
    I know what the odometer, trip meters, but what is the
    Meter that has the little r ? Is this for milage of fuel remaining?
    If so is it self adjusting to my riding style? Also it there
    A low fuel light? Haven't really looked for one.
    Thanks for any help
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Bet that is fuel remaining til empty, I would get an owners manual to be sure JMO:s
  3. SteveM

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    Yea, Jack is right on, Miles till empty. It supposedly will adjust to your fuel usage but in my experience, its only a guide. Don't count on it or you just might find out how comfy your boots are. And yes, there is a warning light which comes on when you supposedly have 1 gal left. The best way to keep track is to use your trip meter. Figure out your MPG and the trip meter can be pretty accurate.


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    That is good advice....

    I like to do it this way also..

    On my 6 gal 09flhr, the light comes on and I usually have close to 1.5 gal in the tank.. EASY to check Yours.... Ride Until the light comes on, then hit a fuel station and Fill it up... (knowing how big your tank is, is a MUST) That will tell you How much fuel is usually there after light comes on.. I Have to say, I have found Mine Very accurate in that Low fuel Light does come on when it is the same LOW each time I have checked.. AND it did a good job of calculating the miles left to ride.. Mine was used Twice this way and I didn't like the feeling having Less than a gallon left..

    I also found the count down changed from telling me 40 miles and went to 67 miles as my Down Hill ride took less fuel,,,,,That was very appreciated on one trip, had it been level I Would Of Ran Out of fuel.. SO, PLAN Your fuel stops....

    The Pumps are needing the cooling gas IMO and Low fuel in the tank will cause heat in the fuel pump... For Me NOT wanted. I'll keep my trip meter in touch with the reality of My Thinking and fill up using less than 4. gallons.. Besides, I top off after every ride Before putting it to bed for the night.
    I use 40 miles per gallon as the barometer and never try for more than 160 miles Before I fuel..

  5. gator508

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    The low fuel lamp is on the speedo just left of center, it is an illuminated gas pump icon. ~ 1 gallon remaining.