Octane booster warning?

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    I just picked up a Harley service manual for my 2010 RoadGlide and the manual
    states octane boosters will harm the bikes system. My question is why? Is this really true, is Harley correct? I do not use a fuel additive most of the time but have. Why then does Harley sell fuel octane booster on their parts counter?

    I'm a bit confused. I wonder if others feel a bit skeptical about "going by the book" as it were? :bigsmiley28:
  2. randyman

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    A lot of octane boosters have lead in them and the lead destroys the O2 sensors.
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    I have a 97 RK with stock bore and stock compression. The only internal performance modification is a S&S 502 camshaft. I can buy 93 octane fuel here in Tennessee but it is 10% ethanol. I have very bad spark knock under acceleration no matter how the timing is set. The only way I can prevent this is with octane booster. I use Turbo 108 and on the can it says it will not harm 02 sensors. I know this not a worry for me since I don't have 02 sensors but it may work in FI bike with the sensors without harm. Just Saying........
  4. Hoople

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    Adding additives can be a risky thing. Maybe not All, but some brands will harm an engine if used too often. The reason is not all of the ingredient will get burned or go out the exhaust. Some of it will get past the rings and into the oil. Once in the oil, it can and will change the oils ability to protect the engine from wear.

    If I was going to use a powerful booster or FI cleaner, I would only just prior to changing the oil.

    Chevron Techron concentrate is a prime example of a FI cleaner to be careful with. It WILL get past the rings and eat an engine alive.
  5. mouthful

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    I use 1/2 ounce of Marvel Mystery Oil per gallon of fuel to help keep top end lubericated, valves, top ring. No problems as can tell. Also a little Lucas fuel treatment at times. not a lot and added to a full tank always.
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    I guess I've been lucky or something.

    I always just get the highest octane available wherever I'm at and and so does Paula. We have not one time ever had a fuel problem. Maybe my turn is coming but all of our fuel here is 10% ethanol and still we have no issues. No knock or ping, no less power....I dont know but it seems like people put way too much stock in running the higher octane, ethanol free fuel.

    That's just my opinion
  7. SixPak

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    I almost always gas up at Chevron. All thier gas has Techron. Should I gas up somewhere else??
  8. Hoople

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    My guess is no because the concentration of Techron in pump gas is probably very low. But that is just a guess. It probably is also expensive so they can't be putting much if any in a gallon of gas. I was using their concentrated Injector cleaner in the black bottles. It was like 12oz treats 20 gallons of fuel. Started using the product when the car had something like 15-20,000 miles on it.

    It does say right on the bottle to only use it once per oil change and to use it just before you change your oil. But I was addicted to the stuff because the engine ran so so good when on it. I wrote to Chevron and they sent me 2" of paperwork about the stuff and how it works.
    They even told me in a cover letter that some will get past the rings and into the oil so don't use it often.

    I figure because I was using Mobil 1 oil and changing my oil every 2,000 miles (I loved this car) along with a good filter, I could get away with using Techron every other tank full. I was wrong. There was nothing left of my engine (Acura Legend) after 66,000 miles. Cylinder leakage was 25% pass the RINGS. Under air pressure you felt WIND coming out the oil filler cap.!

    The REAL joke of the whole story was this. While trying to figure out why my engine was running so poor when it had 60K miles on it, I found a clogged injector.!! I was buying this stuff by the case. I still had a clogged injector. But it did not matter. Once I took a compression test and leakdown test the game was over.
    I drove the car another 10-12K miles and dumped it.

    Yes I abused the product. But the fact I still had a plugged injector should make you wonder how it could ever work in the concentrations they recommend.

    So my question is what's the point in using it at all. It would be cheaper and better to just change the injectors when they clog.
  9. MrFah

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    Ok I've been enlightened. My bike's running fine without the booster and I'm not chancing it by adding something I'm not sure about. As I said the bike runs fine without any additive. Thank you for your thoughts everyone.
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    I'm not the shiniest wrench in the tool box but I've been a few places and rebuilt a few motors.

    Yes there is some bad gas out there and sometimes you need something to help remove moisture.

    Buy your gas at stations that move gas. Buying 91/93 from Bubba in Tim-buc-two is probably a (EDIT) shoot for freshness.

    OH YEA where I was going with this thought: you can not buy horsepower, tuneups or engine rebuild in a can over the counter. I look at most of that (EDIT) as Snakeoil.

    HP and preformance takes hardware and a skilled mechanic along with a good tuner.

    PT Barnum I think said it best!

    Please read this...
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