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    I searched previous threads and did not find all my answers.
    My service manual is in storage while I am on the road.

    Fork Oil: How much? I remember the book says some odd amount like 13 1/2 oz??
    One tube has harley oil, the other JP Fork Oil, both 10 wgt. Would not expect that to be a concern, but during repair to balance amount in both tubes may have above recommended amount.
    Can you go over the amount to stiffen it up, or will that lead to seal failure?

    Brake rotor: When the pinch bolt broke and the tube unthreaded from the top plug, I not only lost a little oil, it 'tweeked' the front end. Result was a bent rotor. Not bad and I straightened best I could. Still it does pulsate.
    What are the consequences of this after entended miles?

    I've read about the floating rotor and it sounds like I should have one. I've already replaces mine once.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Type E, 13.4 oz.
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    I would not go over the recommended amount of fork oil. If you want to stiffen them up, switch to a heavier weight oil.
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    IF you wish to stiffen the front-end,don't overfill the legs.You can make up spacers that sit atop the fork springs and under the fork cap;thus preventing the front-end from compressing too readily.You can use a piece of pipe or even a piece of fork spring from another bike-try the wreckers.

    Bear in mind if you DO try this approach it will make it harder to compress the front fork springs when you try to put it all back togethor,and can make it a lethal weapon should you ever dismantle the front-end.It will of course be under much stiffer tension,and when you take the cap off the top of the forks-LOOK OUT!

    This method wont blow seals because there's no difference in Hydrostatic pressure(you aint increased the volume of oil in the fork leg).Try starting with maybe a 1 inch spacer and work from there.

    We have 3 08 Softails in the family-all of which share your forks.Personally i wouldn't go harder,but each to their own....
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    During a routine service not to long ago I considered spacers above the springs. I don't know what the stock spring tension/compression was, but with the lowering kit it would have been an ordeal to get spacers in them. I didn't want to go that route.

    During that service I put in 5 wgt oil the shop in the states gave me. It was way to soft. I found a guy here with some Type B 10 wgt and that was better.

    I can use the same now, or if I can get into Saigon soon a guy there has the screaming eagle performance.

    Thanks for the assistance. Good info on those sites.