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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Merlyn, Sep 21, 2009.

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    I have 03 heritahe springer and have been fighting my seat. On long runs (short ok) I get bad numb butt after only 120 miles. This gets worst as the day goes on, long rides of 600 miles or so. Tried jel and air pads, nada. Is it possible it might be my handle bars or placement of foot pegs or all. I was told because the seat rides on the frame, live with it. Not!! Rebuild seat? Could really use some info.
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    Have you considered a back support (back rest) to keep your posture upright on longer rides? Most of us tend to round our backs and slouch over on longer rides, and many riders complain about numb rear ends and lower back aches. Back rests are supposed to help keep the posture more upright. Might be worth a try.

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    Tquentin may have the answer. I suffer from the same problem. However, on those long weekend runs, I use a large rectangular bag to pack my stuff. The bag then gets fastened to the seat with one end against the sissy bar pad. The other ends projects about 3"over the rider part of the seat. It's the perfect placment to provide support for my back, allowing me to lean against it and take some of the strain off my back, as well as my arms. I don't get the numb butt until I've been in the saddle about 4 hours steady.
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    I'd have to agree, helped me:D!!
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    O.K., this sounds silly but it really helped me. 30 some years ago, I was talking to a BMW rider and mentioned butt "burn" after being in tha saddle for a while. He told me to get rid of the "tighty whiteys" and wear boxer shorts! Also not to wear real tight jeans. If y'all are finished laughing now,,,, it really helped. Why do you think women complain more about it then men, cuz they wear tighter pants!
    ( Geez, what's this gonna do to my cred's? )
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    No polls on the type of shorts worn on the forum.:57:
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    Hi Merlyn,

    I was having the very same issue on my '04 Heritage.
    Including the stocker, I went through about 4 seats (HD, Mustang, LePera, etc) before the problem was solved. Now, this isn't intended as an endorsement, but (pardon the pun)... After a little research I decided to try a Corbin seat. Corbin seats aren't very soft to the touch. And when you first sit on it, it feels wicked hard. But the more time you spend riding with it, the more comfortable it gets. They are quite a bit wider than other seats, which is the secret. Like they’re product description says, it helps to eliminate all the pressure points, and over time it forms to your shape.

    Used to be after only 1 hour of riding my butt and tailbone would have me almost screaming in pain! Now, I can go literally all day (like I just did Saturday & Sunday) with no discomfort at all!

    And no… I don’t work for Corbin or anything like that.
    It’s just the truth!
    Hope this helps!

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    I found that fitting extended reach foot controls altered my sitting position and extended the time before numb butt sets in


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    I have had good experience with the "Genuine Sheepskin Cover" by American Motorcycle Specialties. It has rubber coated metal hooks w/ Velcro backed nylon webbing straps that grip under the seat and lip. The Memory Foam w/ 3/4" Gel pad works great, the sizes are 11"L x 7"W one for the pillion #18000 and 12"W x 12"L for the pilot #18005 on my Sporty Drag Specialties seat respectively. My portion of the seat was comfortable already, I use it for extra comfort and to protect my leather seat. The website is Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads, Covers, Seatcovers & Tie-Downs or call 1-800-710-7237...cost is about $75-$95.

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    my 95 heritage was the same way. the stock seats were not built for human comfort. i had to crawl off the bike at 100 miles and it was pure torture to go 200. i managed to snag a corbin 25 year anniversary. it has the deep bucket that sets you down 2 or 3 inches and forward a bit. the bucket gives you total back support and even though there feels like little padding it is like being in a lazboy. i can ride all day with no discomfort