Not Buying Extended Warranty

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by doc_63, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. doc_63

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    The factory warranty expires on my 08 Street Glide the end of the month. After 8000 miles of flawless service I have decided to roll the dice and pocket the cash I would have to spend on the extended warranty.

    We'll see if I made the right decision but for now...I'm done agonizing over it.

    If I end up spending the cost of the extended warranty on repairs, I bought the wrong bike.
  2. Chopper

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    I'm with you doc, I bought it with my car and never used it, did I sleep better with ESP, I think I would of slept just as well or better with $1,200 in my pocket.
  3. Hoople

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    If your handy and have tools, I bet you can beat the system. But some people can't or rather not put a wrench in their hands. If that is the case, realize you can spend $1000 at a dealership awful fast. Simple things like a belt or stator can easily set you back $600-$800.

    I would boil the decision down to your skill level.
  4. Iceman24

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    doc 63; hard decision to make, but after 2-yrs & 8K miles you'd know if the bike was problematic. If you're good w/the decision then it was the right one. Ride on!
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    I have the same bike as you and made the same decision for the same reasons.

    Are we twins separated at birth? :p
  6. Lancer

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    Living on the edge guy's :s I just rejected the ESP too. 25k in 2 years, almost 0 problems. (radio antenna cable)
  7. craig Lee

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    This is a quote that I posted April 3, 2010:

    '08 Street Glide with 41,000 miles. Stage 1 with V/H Slip Ons. Not one problem with the engine but:

    1. Triple tree and bushings replaced 18,000 miles
    2. Starter clutch replaced 19,000 miles
    3. 2 Stators replaced (around 20,000 and 38,000 miles)
    4. Exhaust bracket tab breaks off and runs a groove down the belt. (Loudest screech imaginable) Belt replaced.
    5. Main shaft bearing replaced 31,000 miles
    6. Rear Master cylinder ABS sprung leak and replace 34,000 miles
    7. Rear IDS Sprocket bearing replaced (could actually see bearings) 39,000 miles
    8. Ambient Air Temp Gauge messing up. Sensor replaced and now waiting for the gauge to be replace. (on order)
    9. Several instances of DTC Codes coming up with no throttle control blamed on corroded connectors at the TCA Module

    All of the above done under warranty. My warranty was up April 1, 2010. Needless to say I opted for the extended 5 year warranty. :)

    Wouldn't trade this bike or pleasure that it brings for anything. Just hope the next 40,000+ plus miles will be like the 1st 18,000.
    Mz. Bling has 44,000+ on her '06 Sporty with no issues. Go figure.

    Well, on May 27 with 44,000 miles my Main Shaft bearing was making all kinds of racket, so ordered a Baker DD7. With extended warranty, my indie co. installed the tranny, new clutch hub, primary and secondary cam chain tensioners with the chains. This was approved for $1007.00 from the Extended Warranty and the only cost was the tranny. Almost pays for itself and not event 2 months into the warranty. We'll see what the next 58 months will bring.
  8. Jim B.

    Jim B. Junior Member

    I'm all thumbs when it comes to anything mechanical. So, I got the extended warranty when I bought my bike on the theory that better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.
  9. doc_63

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    Does this thing qualify for the Lemon Law?
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    As Smitty & Craig stated, $1200 is really not that bad, if you "rack up" lots of miles, and quite honestly look into it if you want to recoup it by doing the routine maintenance yourself, you win anyways...the consumables are, like extended warranty is a shell game. If you have a new ride, and don't want to play "hero" you will come out the other end ahead anyway...smiles per mile you win!!! Ask Craig and MzB putting 44,000 miles or Smitty who does his maintenance and has had no problems in 50,000 miles to speak of after nearly 2-3 years of hard riding...not a bad investment as far as I can see!!!
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