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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Dr.Evil, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Dr.Evil

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    I noticed on a lot of threads that riders are asking for solutions to issues that require some sort of gadget or device. A week after I picked up my bike a friend gave his last years J&P catalogue. This thing has to be the Holy Bible of stuff for motorcycles and riders. Harley and or other. I find myself thumbing through it for fun, just so I can learn all the possible things I could ever want to buy for myself or my bike. I.E "Hot Seat" Just check all the different seat coushions available in this thing. I am sure they have a web site but I dont take my computer in the bathroom.:16:
  2. glider

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    There's a lot of the online parts houses that offer a "free for the taking" parts catalogs if you go to their web sites.

    J&P Cycles
    Dennis Kirk
    are just a couple that pop into mind.
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    Why do you think they call it a "laptop".
    Your just one phone jack from heaven.
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    I've got good hi-speed WIFI reception in my bathroom.

    ...and J&P are great. Ordered from them many times. Just watch for the misprints on their website. It seems they are better at getting things right in the catalogs.

    NYSDEUCERIDER Active Member

    Yes, J&P can be considered a Bible,.... so many fine products in one publication - WOW! One feature I like is the way you can reserve YOUR bike info on the website, and it instantly sorts for the goodies that WILL work on my bike. I have a one-year specific bike ( a 07 Deuce) and it saves me a ton of time. On line or by the book, they both serve a purpose! And have the Dennis Kirk and Huryakin books at arms reach as well! Fitment, prices and manufacturers are all available quickly!

    My thanks go to these great companies!
  6. bwalsh22

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    There Internet is all I need, but I do enjoy the catalogs now sent from various companies. My list just keeps getting longer. Friday was a quiet day of work...somehow my list went from about 500 hundred bucks, up to about 1500 by the end of the day.
    - Making it 2-up
    - New Exhaust
    - Lots of other stuff I previously did not see or think of
    - New tins or some paint to the current tins...still mulling this one over.