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    I was wondering if anybody has had a chance to try non-ethanol and if they noticed any difference. There is a Shell station in town that has some so I thought about trying it. I tried it in a fuel injected bike and in a carbed bike and I couldn't see enough difference in the mpg to justify using it all the time. They say it is better for the engine but I don't have any way of testing that.
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    Got my bike last November and use only non-ethanol premium (93 octane) because my local "stop and rob" has it but have not compared it with the ethanol gasoline. Some say ethanol laced gasoline is 5-10% less efficient so you can just do the math... :)
  3. glider

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    The ethanol in the fuel creates a corrosive agent and if nothing else the non ethanol fuel would be a better choice IMO. You should see a bit more power and MPG with the non ethanol fuel.
  4. glenalt

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    There are a couple of stations I buy it from when I'm near and I always pick up 1-2 mpg when I do.
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    When I ride north of the border into Oklahoma :) I can usually find non ethanol fuel and I do notice a definite improvement in how the bike runs. Can't say for the mpg as I have never really worried about it enough to keep tabs on it.
  6. live here in iowa all i use is bp 92 octane non ethanol premium. works great just got back from a trip to wisconsin 855 miles worth and tried 93 octane ethanol blend twice in the 07 ultra was not impressed . lower mileage 2-3 miles per gallon difference both times i used it . if i use a lower octane i get pinging during acceleration. hope this helps .
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    Hey TC. I don't know how true it is but we were warned down here that the ethanol based fuel was corrosive regarding any gaskets, rubber or synthetic hoses etc, in any older cars or bikes. I've never used it myself.
  8. cromedome

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    Just ask any small engine shop about ethanol in gas....and just think, less mileage,damage to your engines, it takes more BTU's of energy to grow/deliver/distill/produce/deliver the stuff than you get out of it.
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    OK - so we most all agree that the ethanol is not good for gas engines. BUT, when riding around all over the place, that's about all there is! Id guess that most of us use ethanol gasoline due to that's what all the stations are selling now. Yeah, there may be a mom and pop station somewhere selling non-ethanol - but its back home a hundred miles away - you need gas NOW - what do you do - buy the ethanol gas? what say you?

    curious minds want to know.
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    I have been running non-ethanol regular in my Dodge ram(5.9L) and in my 92 1200 sportster for about 4 months. Better performance going up the hills around here and a couple more MPG. Filled up last week with about 29 gal of the Walmart reg in my Dodge because they had the 10cent off/gal deal. What a mistake that was, now my Dodge runs terrible, the engine roars on take off like I am pulling a loaded trailer. Won't do that again, sticking with the non-ethanol in the Dodge for as long as I can get it. I have never run the non-ethanol in my RG. I am still tinkering with the TFI on the RG and when I get it dialed in I will try some non-ethanol in it.

    Ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada can help you locate stations with non-ethanol gas