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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by oseita, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. oseita

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    One thing that I have found myself doing as I ride is to check out people's reactions to me as I ride. I like to see how they react to a " biker" type as I pull beside them in traffic or at a stop light. This gets to be pretty amusing. For instance I like the ones who think that we are at the Indy 500 and then proceed to try to outrun me when the light turns green. I always let them take off and then laugh at their stupidity.:bigsmiley22:

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    My favorite is having a cager pull up with a whole bunch of kids smiling, waving and pointing :)
    ...While the mom and dad do their best up front to try and ignore me. :small3d015:
    Of course I always look over with a real wide smile (one of the reasons why I wear a half helmet) then nod and wave, gotta promote the good Harley image! :D
  3. Joyride

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    I'll have to remember that one! I'll smile at the next pointing kid. I usually just try to look cool. :bigsmiley22: They sure do enjoy seeing cool bikes though!
  4. oldgeezer

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    They are surprised to see me when I pull along side at a light a lot of times. I ride mine to church with my suit and tie on. It causes some looking and pointing. I just laugh and go on.:D
  5. RamDiver

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    Same here! In fact, the riding bug seems to have caught on in the church. This past Sunday, there were 12 bikes lined up in a row right along the front of the church! Even more interesting, the Senior Pastor and Assistant Pastor BOTH now ride. Our "greeter" just picked up a new Ultra last week and his wife rides an 883 low. Instead of dirty looks, the congregation tends to gather around the bikes after church for a look, some laughs, and some good times. What a blast!
  6. The4opps1

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    I told my wife a while back, I can pull up to a light on my '99 Ultra next to a guy in a $100,000 Mercedes convertible, and I guarantee, he will turn to look over at the HD...Funny......
  7. ktorian

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    Even better when mom looks and smiles too, while dad sheepishly cowers! :D
  8. cedarbrook63

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    That's so cool:D.
    I was sitting at lights last week when a guy pulls up beside me in a Ferrari and was trying so hard not to be obvious as he looked at my Harley and me. His car could buy around 20 of my scoots and he's checking us out! I looked at him and smiled and said "nice car" and then we were off. You just have to love a Harley don't ya :D:D
  9. StGlide1958

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    Remember the older HD commercial where the guyis getting gas, and mentions the dining room set? "I could have had a Harley...but settled on the Dining room set instead" , (EDITED)...ya gotta love a Harley at a stop light next to the Caddy, we win 'em over hands down.

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    Yeah, the church I went to around here actually has a higher up in the Bikers For Christ MC. They just got done with Bikerfest that is promoted by Bikers For Christ...This year from what I heard was soo much bigger than usual. I heard there was over 700 bikes there this year from all over the country, and even Canada. I can try to get some pics to show how big it is.