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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by jumboshrimp, Dec 10, 2008.

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    howdy folks i got a question about my (i believe the primary chain left side gear shift) primary being a little louder now then before oil change from dino to syn3. is there a different grade of oil i can put in there too quiet it up abit. i doesn't really bother me too much but would like it quieter without any chance of harm to the internal parts. my bike is a 09 super glide. any guidance would be appreciated thanks for all the help now and in the past. ride on
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    The syn3 is not the best choice in the primary. Try a bottle of the Formula+ from the dealer and it should quiet it down. The newer self adjusting tensioners are a bit louder than the older style were.

    Find a better choice of oil than the syn 3 in any event even in the engine too and ESPECIALLY the trans, you want a gear oil in there. It's not a full synthetic and is more expensive than a quality full synthetic like Mobil 1 or other popular brands.

    Take a look in the oil section of the self help forum for more info,
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    Syn3 is a lighter grade oil and you will get more noise when using it in the primary and / or tranny. Soon you will be advised to change out the syn3. there are better options for a primary.