No running or rear brake light & no cruise

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by BerkRider, Jan 15, 2011.

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    I searched the forum but found nothing exactly like what's happening with my 06 Road Glide. (FLTRI)
    I had not used my cruise control for quite a while so a few days ago I tried engaging it but no go. After several attempts I decided it must be a fuse or something. Today I went to check the fuse and noticed that both of the tail lights, running light & brake light, were out. I checked both fuses and they looked ok. I checked the tail light bulb & it also appeared ok.
    I checked for codes and found a U1097 code, but it cleared fine and didn't come back up. (yet)
    One note: I did take apart my throttle assembly to lube the throttle cables recently. I know the cruise worked before this and I see that this has been known to cause trouble, but not sure how it could affect the cruise control & both light problem. I think i adjusted the cables properly but I don't have a repair manual with the official procedure. Can someone post it?

    I made an appointment with the dealer to check it out but any other ideas welcome.

    Thanks in advance
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    welcome to the forum BerkRider, when you reassembled your throttle assembly if you broke the brake light switch the brake lights would stay on all the time causing your cruise not to work and make it look like you have no brake light, other thought is if you have a box installed that makes your rear turns work as brake lights you might try unplugging it from the system and see if the brakes light work then.

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    Brake switch line is monitored by the cruise control processor to deactivate if it is sensed as being on. Since brake light is off, it could be as Smitty says the lack of power to both. If you have the schematic that would be a big plus...but the symptoms speak volumes. Good luck and keep us posted as how things go!:)