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    rode the king for several hours sat. was going for a ride sun. and went to start the bike. headlight, no dash lights or indicator lights showing. figuring it was an ign. switch problem, i cycle it several time to no avail. brought out the service problem and rode it instead. came home and turned the switch and presto. let the bike sit for a few days to see if it was a battery problem but it fires up w/ no problems. hooked up the tender and now i'm kinda scared to take it out for fear it will die somewhere. battery is 6 yrs. old and will start there for diagnositics. loose cables or bad contacts in ign switch. the no dash lights are what is puzzling. thanks, g.
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    6 Years on a battery is enough. Replace it and clean the battery terminals well when re connecting them (both ends of both cables). It sounds like a bad connection on the present battery which could cause that problem.

    Always disconnect the NEG first and reconnect it last.
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    My '07 RK had something similar. All connections looked fine, no corrosion and were tight. 90% of the time it would start and run fine. That 10% there was just nothing there. Removing left bag and cover, messing with main wiring would bring it back to life.

    Turns out while the battery connections looked perfect on the outside, they were terribly corroded between battery, connector and bolt. Once cleaned it has never happened again.
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    thanks. going for new battery on monday. working sat. this ought to cover it.