No oil pressure, Help!!!

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    I just installed a set of cams in my Road King. And know I don't have any oil pressure. I tried to fill the oil filter and restart with no results. I also tried to poor oil into the lifter blocks with a pushrod tube removed. Still no results. A local tech told me that it sounds like there is air in the system. Resulting in the motor hydrolocking. Anyone heard of this? If so how can I get the air out of the system? Thanks in advance!

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    Likely something doing with the oil pump...easiest thing is not installed properly or aligned to simple thing like installing dry and it will not prime (drawing in air rather than oil) improperly connections or routing of oil tank hoses, pinched or clogged opening, forgotten o-ring, seal or gasket, even seen parts internally assembled wrong (gear put in backwards, if part was disassembled), and such.

    Only thing to do is take things apart carefully laying everything out, comparing carefully with the service manual as far as order and layout that you know was part of your service. Here is where it (was) a good idea to take pictures before, during and after any major service...especially if it is the first time, check balls, springs etc. fall out or are easily missed or forgotten; especially if home repair is spread out over a few days or weeks.
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    I just did the roller chain conversion on my bike. Upgraded the cams too. The conversion kit came with new plate, pump, hyd. tensioners, and all the bits and pieces. I had no problem with the pump priming.

    I suggest that you pull everything back out of the cam chest and make sure that the o-rings on the pump are in place (one large and two smaller). Then make sure you follow one of the procedures below to align the pump.

    Oil Pump Aligning - Harley Davidson Community

    Aligning TC Oil Pump - Harley Davidson Community

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    Gotta be oil pump related or the relief valve stuck open. Like the others said, pull it down and check it out.