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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleydad1000, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I have a 05 Heritage which has been sitting in the garage for around 8 months. Prior to starting it, checked the oil and found no oil on the dip stick. Placed a long screwdriver in the tank and found oil in the bottom of the tank. Had the same problem last year. At that time, I added oil to the correct level on the dip stick, started it and later found the oil level to be too high. Drained some out and did not have a problem for the rest of the season. I recently removed the plugs, turned over the engine to try to push the oil back into the tank, no luck. The oil light is off and no oil leaked out while the bike was sitting. I use K&N oil filters. Thinking all of the oil is sitting in the bottom of the crankcase and guessing the check valve in the oil filter leaks over time. What do you think? Think I have a problem with the oil pump? Should I start it and wait for the pump to refil the tank? Should I change the filter to a HD filter and then start it?
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    I do not think its check valve in filter related. sorry i just dont know..someone here will know..& welcome////
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    Older Harleys were famous for flooding the crank case after sitting for long periods of time, the check valve in the oil pump would by pass the oil, dont know about the twin cam motors check the self help section good luck

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    Even tho' the bike is Not supposed to by-pass the oil Most do! Not unusual at all.

    If the tank is located in a gravity flow position , Like yours, Over time it Does leak down and flood the engine sump area...

    Usual,, make sure ENOUGH oil is showing in oil tank,Don't panic and add or it will then be Over-Full like you have done already...

    Suggestion,,, Start motor easy and let Idle,,, NO More than an idle, and DON't BLIPPP the RPM up and down.
    Allow the oil to return to the oil tank... Some tanks allow you to view the oil coming back into the tank, Watch for flow.... In about two minutes of idle Most sump oil should be pumped back to the tank...

    Careful,, Always when idle engine standing still to Not Over Heat...... Use a big Fan blowing against pipe side of engine to mimic a moving air cooled ride...
    Keep fresh air about you. Not in confined areas,,,You Know the Drill there!

    Using a big fan will allow you to heat up bike enough to check the oil properly HOT....

    All bikes do better If rode at least every week and even then My 2006 sporty drains oil down enough to show low on the dip-stick and view of oil in tank is there Looking with a flashlight..

    If it doesn't Leak or Burn oil it should be back Up into the oil tank after idle time...

    After the oil is Up to the proper level and Enough time has gone bye and oil Heated enough to check and add Oil Only if necessary...

    As Long as there Is Oil Pressure, Above method should work..
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    Great advice, thanks. My oil level in the tank is well below the low level of the dip stick by several inches. Thinking I should add oil till I get close to the bottom of the low level reading on the dip stick just to be safe. Once the oil gets back up into the tank, I may be a little high but a turkey baster works well to suck out some oil without a lot of trouble to get it back within range.
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    If you checked the oil level in the tank before you parked it for 8 months, and there is no puddle under where the bike was sitting all those months, then the oil is still there. Do as Bubbie says. Start it and run gently until the oil shows back up. I would NOT add oil unless you do not know how much oil was in it when it was parked. Then add maybe 1/2 a pint at the most. You will probably be draining that back out once it is up to to operating temp.