No noise in New York

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  1. DDogg

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    Come on now, 1000 dollar fine. I hope this link works. You've got to read this.

    Bikers wont like sound of this!
  2. scrinch

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    The fine does seem a bit "excessive".

    I hate to say it but I really think it is just a matter of time before similar legislation is passed in most cities and towns. As a biking community we do like that "Harley sound" but the general public doesn't often agree.

    From the other side of the issue I have to agree the noise levels are often excessive. My wife had a gift shop in a small mid coast Maine town. Just around the corner was a bar that bikers liked to frequent, and when they came or went you could not talk in anywhere a normal voice and be heard. It was on a narrow street with high buildings and the sound would just echo. This is in a town that dictates the size of business signs and kicks kids out of the parks with boom boxes. It won't be long before they enforce motorcycle noise legislation also.

    I knew I was hanging on to those OEM take off mufflers for a reason.
  3. glider

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    I think the fines are totally ridiculous for this offense and will probably end up in a lot more police chases. I know I'm not about to turn over what I'm riding very easily to the law because of noisy mufflers and have it sit in some impound yard to be picked clean of the parts I have added like happens to the cars they impound.
    Does this mean they will impound cars too with noisy mufflers?

    Should be interesting in any event to see the outcome of this and if it is enforced. Making a law is one thing and enforcing it is something completely different. If you saw some of the laws on the books that just aren't enforced, your head would spin.
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  4. Mattman4403

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    The scarry word in there is the confiscation. Think they are going to take time to do it right when you have a disk lock on? I think my best course of action is to stay out of NY city. The ability to ticket parked bikes turns a meter maid (sorry if that is not a policically correct term) into a money maker. A very tempting option for a city looking for cash. Probably the typical political thing though, some guys with straight pipes were drag racing in town and woke up the straights, they called the congresman and shazam. New law is passed.
  5. silentflyer

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    I haven't lost anything in NY City, if I never go there again, no biggie, maybe a boycott by bikers might get their attention.....
  6. glider

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    NYC is not a people friendly place as it used to be lately. The mayor wanted to impose all sorts of taxes on people driving into certain sections of the city in hopes of lightening traffic in those areas.
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  7. gunnut

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    The Idiots that run this country make a lot of stupid unenforcable laws,supposedly for the good of the envoirment etc,etc,etc; and all of them fall apart under close examination,THEY ALL ARE TO SQUEEZE A FEW MORE PENNYS OUT OF AN ALREADY TAXED OUT POPULACE.And,I might add,even these morons havent hit on that "loud pipes" scam yet.Its most surprising to me they arent quite as solid as I thought they were.
  8. mrs2cool

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    I wonder:eam what they are going to do with the 1000+ bikes that ride in from all across the country next Sept. for the 9/11 Memorial Run:USA. There were some pretty noisy bikes:rider: around me,and I'm sure they didn't have their EPA stickers.:taunt
  9. Redfish-Joe

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    Just a matter of time before they tax us on the stickers on our skid lids and the patches and pins on our cuts.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Confiscation was a pretty scary word, $1000 was worse, but fine print 80dB was almost under the many STOCK Harleys meet that noise level...I think it was Hobbit who read right off the sticker on his Heritage frame that said 89dB...and his was a fairly new model, think most HD older or new ones would fail "out of the box!" :no
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