No more new accessories?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bebopbohot, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. bebopbohot

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    Have a 2012 Ultra Limited.
    Do you suppose with the new Rushmore bikes that all the focus will be on making new accessories for them and all the pre-Rushmore bikes have seen the last of any new mods coming from HD?
  2. Harttoo

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    Older Bikes are still a HUGE market for Harley and many other manufacturers like Kuryakyn,JP, and Custom Dynamics.I see the reverse of Your fears.I had a 2012 limited and could find any accessory that I wanted.The support for the 2014's is not there.:(
  3. gusotto

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    With the finer wiring and contained plugs, it isn't going to be easy for the backyard rider.
  4. Ole Dawg

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    I have already found a problem making changes as the connector plugs are of a new design. :(
  5. jimharvey1

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    Seeing that Harley Davidson has gone with the new audio system which has the bluetooth interface for connecting to your cell on the 14 touring scoots, I am hoping that they will re-introduce the discontinued and obsoleted Advanced Audio Bluetooth Cellphone Interface for the Harmon Kardon advanced audio systems in the 2006-2013 bikes. The part number was 76408-06. I had one on my 07 Ultra and it was great! I don't know why the MoCo ever obsoleted it, but I do know if you can find one new in the box now, you have a rare find as they are scarcer than chicken lips.
  6. 34thestickupkid

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    As a new owner and being new to the Harley Davidson Family,I sure hope that wont be the case,I got a ton. Of ideas that i have seen for my 2012 Limited!!! I would be soo mad if HD,stopped showing love to the pre 2014's
  7. hillbilly81

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    No need to worry about that ever happening accessories is where all the money away
  8. Bikergeek

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    I have to agree that there is a very limited supply of accessories for the 2014 models other than what Harley has for them.

    I have a '14 Street Glide and I can't find a taller replacement windshield.

    The wiring is impossible to decipher. I cannot read the wiring diagrams on this bike. Everything goes through the new BCM and it limits your ability to do anything unless it is made by Harley (at this time).

    I'm sure, in due time, we will see more accessories but for now, it hasn't happened.

    And I wouldn't worry about Harley or the third party manufacturers forgetting about the 2013 and older bikes. There will always be "stuff" available for them. That's where the money is; on accessories!
  9. jimharvey1

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    I just had an idea that maybe someone with a LOT more electronics savvy than I have could come up with a answer to this. Could a standard bluetooth adapter that attaches to a helmet, there are a ton of them on the market nowadays, be wired into the Harley Davidson premium headset using the microphone and helmet speakers from the HD headset for Bluetooth comms to a cell phone, GPS or radar detector or linking to another rider's Bluetooth-equipped helmet, while at the same time, continue allowing the headset to be used for all the other features of the Harmon Kardon Advance Audio system? Like I said before, the Harley Davidson Advanced Audio Bluetooth Hands Free Cell Phone Interface (P/N 76408–06) that was offered from 06 - 08, and I had on my 07 Ultra, worked GREAT, but for some unknown reason HD obsoleted it and you can't find one anywhere new in a box and the used ones on EBay are going for more than what they did NEW! If a Bluetooth device, such as a Chatterbox, Cardo Scala or whatever could be wired into the HD headset and add the Bluetooth connectivity, that would work great!
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  10. jimharvey1

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    Doesn't look like it would be that much of a chore for someone that knew their way around electronics. (That is NOT me.)

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