No California STOPS in Arizona...

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    I have a *Sheriff friend (HD Biker Buddy) who works in Cochise County in Arizona.

    He called me Laughing while telling me of a problem he had the other day... When a man from California drove his Big SUV Slowly thru a Stop Sign.

    *Saying, "I was right there watching the whole thing. I was parked 20' away. I knew he could see me."

    I hit my Reds and Blues and he stopped right next to me. Both rolled down our windows
    I said "you know, don't you, you just ran that stop sign...

    California man says Nope! I Stopped at that Sign!

    My Sheriff friend, getting out of his police car and right into the face of the California man says,, " YOU DID NOT STOP! I'm sitting right here and I watched You SLOW,,,, Then RUN the Stop sign..

    Calif man Yells back, Oh Malarky! STOP or SLOW DOWN, What's The Difference?

    FUMING now,My Sheriff friend, usually well mannered, and a Big Pussy Cat, GRABBED Onto the California man ,

    dragged him out thru the window
    and started wailing on him with his Night Stick.

    After about 15 blows from his club and continuing to hit him, My Sheriff friend asked the man;

    "NOW,,,,, do you want me to STOP or Just SLOW Down..."

    Moral of this True Story is while in Cochise County Az. make sure you don't
    do a California Stop!

    Especially around My Biker Buddy!

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    I always like that joke, in all seriousness, the cities are still looking for Revenue. Put a foot on the deck and then go.
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    LOL! Even though I have also heard that story numerous times over the years, it still humors me.:p
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    I had to read it all the way good one Bubbie:D