Nightrod special dyno problems

Discussion in 'VRSC Models' started by monnim01, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Hi There,
    I have an 08 Nightrods special that I recently did a couple of mods to.
    Firstly I went semi topless (removed the snorkel) and drilled 6 holes around each of the baffles.
    The bike was sounding sweet and running pretty well. (lost a little power but nothing major).
    This bike is pretty much standard apart from a Screamin Eagle Race tuner.
    I decided to put it in to be dynoed and make sure it is tuned into the mods and went to pick it up and I think they have wrecked my bike.
    Firstly they took the airbox cover off (without being asked to) and it now sounds like a drowning cow and secondly what ever they have done makes it idle like (EDIT) and the power feels like it has gone backwards.(although the dyno report says it has gone from 77.38 to 82.73 of torque and max power from112.37 to 119.68.
    That certainly does not feel like the case when I rode it.

    The bike coughs and splutters and wont idle without being revved...

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    At this point, I am not going to mention the name of the dealer (as they tell me it will be fixed).

    Is this a normal problem, I would have thought that spending $300 on a dyno tune should have the bike running nicely.

    Any feedback or recomendations would be appreciated.


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  2. Hoople

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    It's almost like a vacuum/intake leak was accidently created. Those types of problems (won't idle without being revved) would be difficult to create within the mapping. The numbers would have to be TOO far off and I almost can't see that happening. Since dyno pulls are done at WOT, intake leaks will be masked to a great degree. I bet it is something simple outside of mapping.
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    If you have a copy of the dyno tune map that you can post with the a/f values would be very helpful for me to see where your issues are , but it can be a host of other problems as Hoople stated it may be a vacum problem ,you can check where the TBs meet the airbox there is a gasket there,also fuel flange check take your gas cap off with a flash lite look in to your tank if you see a mist or a spay of fuel you have a bad flange gasket this is best to do with about a 1/2 tank of gas. these are all signs of the bike running lean and not getting the proper fuel amount at Idle, also could be IAC problem or TPS , what rpm is the bike idle set at should be around 1200 rpm. I really would need more info like how many miles, all history and dyno map on your bike . Vrods in general take about 3hrs of dyno time to dial in .


    just wanted to add your tq and HP gains look good sound like the tune is spot on, but if you were seeking more HD has a stage 2 cam upgrade kit they are about 400 US , your numbers will go to 130 on the HP.
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    Hey There Hoople and Crocker
    Thanks for your advise. I got the bike back and they have fixed it!
    The problem was that they decided to make the bike "topless" and moved the Co2 sensor and were sending incorrect info to the computer and the fuel mixture was not regulating correctly. They put the airbox cover on (as it was) and put the sensor back in the right spot and the bike was fine. The plugs were fouled by this and once they were changed the engine is fine...
    The "topless"thing makes the bike sound sick so I am glad that it is back to "semi topless".
    The bike feels fantastic and I am a happy man again!