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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Bikergeek, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Bikergeek

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    I see a lot of discussion here about the Dobeck TFI products but does anyone here have any experience with the Nightrider XIED products for the Softail line?

    I have been considering this product for the simplicity of the product and ease of install. I know it isn't as "technically complicated" as the TFI but it essentially does the same thing by changing the AFR.

    I am not wild about the TFI product since you really have no idea what settings you have (after you play with it). I tried it and decided NOT to keep it due to the unknown values.

    The XIED claims to set the AFR to a preset value of 13.8/1 from the stock 14.6. I am looking to get lower operating temps and maybe a bit more throttle response but that's all.

    Thoughts, suggestions, etc?
  2. glider

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    Do yourself a favor and just go for the TFI and skip the IED's. Lots try the IED's and eventually go to the TFI anyway. They are better than nothing but not as good as something that is adjustable.
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    Perhaps the gen 4 would be the answer as the gauge will give you a constant readout of the current afr

  4. Hoople

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    For a minute lets just say that statement is true. So during Closed Loop when your A/F ratio was 14.6 it is now 13.8. Humm that sounds kinda good..:)

    But what will they do for you during OPEN loop conditions when your O2 sensors are not even being looked at and not being used such as during idle and wide open throttle?? The answer is nothing at all. So if you looking for cooler idle temps and better throttle response...:(
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    I've run the IEDs then tried the XIEDs,,, they do help a little but not like the TFI which I have and love now. For what I spent on the two sets of IEDs I would have been money ahead to just buy the TFI and been done with it. but............... if you would like to try the XIEDs PM me and I will send you the set I had on my bike, Tim
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    I was told the idle setting is not a problem as HD has it riched up already, throttle past 40% was at 12.6 per HD's setting. I read that here on HDTalking somewhere.
    I have the 14.0 Xieds on my 2010 FatBoy. Starts, runs fine. Oil temps are never close to 210*, it stays right around 185'ish* The plugs look great, heat line right on the curve of the ground electrode and fuel line is almost halfway down on the porceline. Plus 48-50 MPG. For me all this perfect. Cost? $99 to my door.
  7. Bikergeek

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    I cannot find any reference to the Gen4 on the EJK site; only the Gen3. Can someone give me a link to the Gen4? Or is it not ready for sale yet?

    UPDATE: Found the link but not on the EJK site.
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